Spring 2012-Important dates and reminders

Welcome back ASC!  We are excited to kick off another semester here at AS&F and have some important reminders…

First and foremost, here are the dates for the semester quarterlies.  Please note that these dates are NOT flexible and that any late bills or submissions will not be considered.  Funding forms and bills can be found under the FORMS section of this page.  Executive team office hours are also posted on each of their pages.  Please feel free to stop by the office, email, or call us if you have any questions, or we can be of help!

Quarterly February 13th
Bills are due by 5:00pm Wednesday January 25th
Final bills with any corrections are due by 5:00pm Wednesday February 8th

Quarterly April 23rd
Bills are due by 5:00pm Wednesday April 4th
Final bills with any corrections are due by 5:00pm Wednesday April 18th

In addition, here are the meeting dates for this semester…

Spring 2012 Meeting Times and Quarterlies

All Meetings in Bus 142 unless otherwise noted.

Monday January 30th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday February 13th:
6pm:  3rd Quarterly
Monday February 27th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday March 19th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday April 9th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday April 23rd:
6pm:  4th (Last) Quarterly
Monday April 30th:
6pm:  Meeting

Lastly, if you are graduating this semester and interested in being the class speaker…

All application materials are due to Program Assistant Carter by February 27, 2012 at 5pm.  More information can be found at  Graduation Speaker Application.