“Wrapping” up the Fall 2011 semester…

It’s time for just the last leg of the semester; good luck on finals! Only 10 days till Winter Break time!

Now for some friendly reminders and a letter from AS&F President Martinez….

The AS&F Office will be closed for Winter Break December 19, 2011, and will resume normal office hours January 17, 2012.

Last, but not least, here is the meeting and quarterly schedule for Spring 2011:

All Meetings in Bus 142 unless otherwise noted.

Monday January 30th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday February 13th:
6pm:  3rd Quarterly
Monday February 27th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday March 19th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday April 9th:
6pm:  Meeting
Monday April 23rd:
6pm:  4th (Last) Quarterly
Monday April 30th:
6pm:  Meeting

Lastly, President Martinez sent out a letter to AS&F today, and would like to share with every one….

Hello all,
I hope all is going well in the final weeks of the semester.  It has recently come to my attention that there are complaints on how the executive board has been running meetings and that this is causing a rift between the senate body and the executive team.  First let me say that this year has been going off very well and all of the issues that have come up have been dealt with swiftly and professionally to my knowledge, and this year has been very successful so far.
However, recently there has been some issues with how the senate members having concerns on how we are running the meetings.  Let me start by saying that every member of the executive team is extremely dedicated and willing to help out the entire body as best they can.  They are doing their jobs to the up most of their abilities and have been absolutely amazing in my opinion.  Every job on the executive board entails certain things to make sure that senate runs effectively and efficiently.  We are all a team and we are here for you!  I realize that sometimes we come off a bit harsh, but we are simply following the AS&F constitution and bylaws as well as Robert’s Rules of Order, and trying to keep order in the meetings and making sure that everything we do is done properly.  It has never been the intent of AS&F to demean or insult anyone.  We are making sure that everything we do is professionally and proficiently done, but realize we are human, and we make mistakes.  We are working on correcting these to be a better executive board for you and to continue to be successful.  Realize though that this is a two way street.  In the past few meetings there have been comments and issues that have been brought up that have not always been the most tactful.  I would please ask you to remember to hold yourselves in a professional stature, you represent the school and the actions that you believe are miniscule, to someone else may be very big to someone else.  You all represent your respective clubs and departments if you are senators, and you should hold yourself to a high standard.
Lastly, I would like to point out that I learned in the Marines that the quickest way to loose your body, is from within.  Back door bickering gets you know where, and is harmful to the unit as a whole.  If you do have issues with ANYTHING please come in to see us, e-mail or call us.  We are more than willing to help you out with your problems and work to fix ours.  We are students just like you, and are willing to listen.  Please show respect and understanding to us and we will show the same to you.  Remember that we are all working for you to help you out, and we are willing to do anything and everything to do that.  If you have any questions or comments or want to meet with my please e-mail me at Martinezms@grizzlies.adams.edu.  Thank you, Matthew Martinez

Please know and remember that if you have any questions, comments, or concerns we always welcome you to the AS&F office or to share through email, phone, or comments right here!  Hope you all have a great break!          -Program Assistant Carter


2 thoughts on ““Wrapping” up the Fall 2011 semester…”

  1. Executive Board, fellow Senators, and Representatives:

    I was surprised to see this email [letter from President Martinez]. This is my first year on AS&F and I have heard nothing but horror stories about how people are demeaned, talked down to, and disrespected. I have not found this to be the case and am enjoying my time with all of you. I was not happy that Pacioli did not get funding at the last quarterly, but we had the opportunity to speak about our request and I respect the process. In working on our bill, I realize just how much time and effort the Executive Committee puts into their positions, and I greatly appreciate their efforts. Most of the bills this last quarterly had some type of problem and the Executive Committee could have just denied them being heard, however, they took the time and effort to work with each group to get their bills on the agenda. I am sorry that you are having to take this heat, just know that I, for one, appreciate all that you do for our clubs.

    Best regards,

    Jeanie O’Laughlin

    Jeanie O’Laughlin, CPA, PhD
    Associate Professor of Accounting
    Adams State College
    208 Edgemont Blvd.
    Alamosa, CO 81101

  2. Dear AS&F,

    I must say I agree with Jo Laughlin. Though I am an outsider, I have been
    attending AS&F meetings as the adviser to Model UN for six years, and the
    past couple of meetings I have attended this year have been far better
    than those of the past. Yes, there have been some mistakes, but I know
    that we (MUN) too have made mistakes on our bills, and they have been
    dealt with professionally by AS&F.

    The tone of the meetings seems far more respectful and orderly than in the
    past. I like that terms and processes are now explained to visitors and
    new senators/representatives. My blood pressure no longer goes through
    the roof when I attend meetings.

    I acknowledge that I am an outsider, but it seems to me that AS&F is at
    least presenting a better face to the wider campus.

    Just my two cents,

    Mari Centeno

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