Presenting to Get What You Want….(Example powerpoint too!)

Over the years it has become evident that the AS&F Government can be a tough crowd when allocating funding.  The most feedback we’ve recieved from the Government about why certain money wasn’t allocated to a club was because they simply didn’t understand the purpose.  Part of AS&F Government’s job is to ensure that funding is allocated in ways that best suit the entire Adams State community, not just one individual or club.  So what does this mean for you?  Presentation is everything when asking AS&F Government for funding! 

Here are a few tips to remember while presenting:

  1. Tell us who and what your club is: it’s mission and purpose, the reason it exists for Adams State Students and community.
  2. What has this group done for all of ASC?  Winning competitions, invovlment, cooperative events with other groups, fundraising, community service, etc. 
  3. What is the funding really going to if your club recieves it?  If it seems like it is just a trip, if it is just a trip, AS&F is not likely to fund it.  So, beef up your presentation, make it pop!  Make your potential club experience relevent to Adams State and its community.  For example, if I was in a foreign language club and we wanted funding to go to a country that predominately speaks such language, this could be presented 2 different ways:  This way, in which your club most likely won’t recieve funding: Our German club is going to Germany for 3 weeks to become more fluent in German.  A statement such as this is often percieved like, so what? The German club are the only individuals that will benefit.  However, if the purpose of the trip is for German club students to become more fluent in German, will return to ASC with workshop offerings on the culture found in Germany, and will meet with German individuals who can spread the word about Adams State, it is more relevant to all of Adams State.  Conferences, competitions, and performances also tend to benefit all of ASC.
  4. Take your time.  Anyone asking for money has the AS&F Government floor for about 10 minutes.  If you don’t use at least most of this time, AS&F might not be understanding the purpose of giving you money.
  5. Be proactive.  Many of us have seen the common questions and concerns that come from funding allocation.  If you think something is going to be a concern or a question, try to answer it in your presentation.  It is a lot harder to say what you really want to say when your put on the spot.  Also, you can ask your club reps, senators, AS&F executive board to hear your presentation or parts of it and they can offer feedback before you are in front of all of AS&F Government.

 Hopefully these tips will be of help!  You can also check out our blog Presenting: From Daunting to Prepared for more tips.  Here is also a powerpoint from VP of Internal Affairs Wilson to help you get some ideas: Climbing_Club_Powerpoint. Feel free to stop by or email us if you have any other questions, comments, concerns.