Happy Holidays and Friendly Reminders from AS&F

Only one more week Adams State!  Whether it’s your first, last, or somewhere in between semester, CONGRATS on making it through!   Now, it’s time for just the last leg of the semester, and it’s Winter Break time!

Now for some friendly reminders….

The AS&F Office will be closed for Winter Break December 20, 2010, and will resume normal office hours January 18, 2011.

Clubs: A club fair will be held January 27, 2011 from 10-2 in the SUB.  Emails will be sent out soon for sign ups, but please remember to check in with your club and let us know if you will be participating.

Last, but not least, here is the meeting and quarterly schedule for Spring 2011:

January 22, 2011—–>Mandatory Retreat
January 24, 2011-Meeting
January 31, 2011—–>Bills due for 3rd Quarterly (no exceptions)
February 21, 2011—–>3rd Quarterly Meeting
March 7, 2011- Meeting      
March 21, 2011—–>Bills due for 4th Quarterly (no exceptions)
April 4, 2011—–>4th Quarterly Meeting
April 18, 2011-Meeting       
May 2, 2011—–>Last meeting of Spring Semester