2015-2016 AS&F Election Results

Total votes cast:  161


Patrick Cleary

Vice President of External Affairs

Azarel Madrigal

 Vice President of Internal Affairs

Heather Shoats*

Senator at Large

Elizabeth Streeter*

Non-Traditional Senator

Gloria Quintana*

HAPPS Senator

TIE** Justin Chase* and Cameron King*

 Music Senator

Leanne Roath*

Nursing Senator

Darling Najar*

Faculty and Staff Senator

Sheryl Abeyta*

Natalie Rogers*

Jerusalem Benavides*

Business Senator

Joe Hovey*

Elizabeth Streeter*


* These candidates won through a write in campaign.  The candidates must still accept, be vetted, and gather signatures before they can officially take office. The official announcement will be made at the April 27th AS&F meeting.


**The race for HAPPS Senator in a tie. A run off will be necessary if both candidates choose to remain in the running. More information will be available next week.