VP of External Affairs Special Election

There is a position available on the Associated Students and Faculty Executive team! If you are interested in making a difference on campus and gaining life skills that will translate to the workforce, AS&F may be a great fit for you. Currently the Vice President of External Affairs position is open. The VP of External Affairs is responsible for (as defined by section 5 of the AS&F constitution):

-Attend all AS&F Senate and Executive meetings, as well as holding a minimum of 6 office hours each week.

-Serve as a liason between the ASU student body, AS&F, and any Colorado Higher Education Student Organization

-Serve, or appoint someone to serve, on the faculty Senate

-Serve on any committee or organization deemed necessary by AS&F

Serve as Student Trustee (because of this requirement the VP of External MUST be a Colorado resident for at least three years and be an undergraduate)

Election Timeline for Special Election 

Election Packets Available: August 25th from AS&F Office (Student Life Center C105)

Signature collection (100 signatures): August 25th -September 3rd

Candidate Approval: September 8th

Campaigning: September 9th – 14th

Election: September 15th-18th

Results: September 19th

Election Rules and Campaign Guidelines

1. Campaigning may begin immediately once a petitioner is declared an official candidate.

2.  All posters and flyers may be placed on public bulletin boards and/or various designated areas across campus. All candidates are welcome to use the ASU Poster Room, located in the Student Life Center.

3.  Advertising done through the ASU media is acceptable, however it must follow all the guidelines set forth here.

4.  No campaign may use techniques or procedures that could be deemed vandalism.

5.  All campaign materials placed in the Student Union Building must be removed by 5:00 pm, the day before elections.

6.  Candidates may not campaign in or within one-hundred feet of the Student Union Building during the days of elections.

7.  All candidates are required to hang at least two posters advertising their candidacy. All candidates are also responsible for the removal of all campaign materials after the elections are over.

8.  Ballots are counted and processes immediately following an election. Candidates will be notified of election results by the AS&F President. The results will be posted in the Paw Print on the Thursday following the elections.

Any candidate found in violation of these rules shall be referred by the Election Commission to the Judicial Branch of the AS&F. If found in violation, a candidate may be disqualified from the AS&F Legislative Election race. The AS&F Court may also nullify election results if elections do not meet the criteria prescribed by the Election Rules and Campaign Guidelines.