Meet Your Candidates for AS&F


Executive Board


Michelle Little

I want to apply to be a Presidential candidate because the AS&F organization has done a great deal for me. Over the past four years I have seen the campus undergo a makeover with many technological, faculty and campus growth. I know AS&F has been a key player in that role and I want to be a part of the future decision making.  AS&F is the voice for the Adams State community and that communication inspired me to run as a Presidential candidate. This year I became involved in student senate and I realized how beneficial and rewarding this position is, as it empowers students.

•I want to be the voice that encourages growth and expansion to better our school

• If I had the opportunity to be President, my biggest goal is to make decisions with integrity, set goals and advocate for the student, faculty and student body

• I want to continue the unity the current executive board encourages and help facilitate talks  and address Adams State Universities concerns, conflicts and opportunities


 Mariah Pepe

 V.P. of Internal Affairs

Laura Cox

My name is Laura Cox, and I am in my 4th and final year here at ASU. I have been and active Grizzly here on campus and in various school groups such as AS&F, and Adams State Model UN. In my time on AS&F as both a Club Representative for MUN as well as an associate Justice, I have seen How much improvement we as a body are capable of in just a couple of years. Senate has completely transformed from what it was a few years ago; now we are a group of students and faculty who actively come together to work towards a better represented student body. While the improvement is great, I think that there are still several areas in which we could improve what we have already accomplished here in AS&F. If elected as Vice President of Internal Affairs, I would focus on further improving the communication between and faculty on campus with AS&F itself. I want to see even more awareness and involvement in AS&F the more they will involve themselves in the whole process; and I believe that is the only way to have a well-represented student body. I would like to see more done with the Public Relations Committee, which has the potential to really be able to get AS&F out on campus more, so that it is not just upperclassmen involved, but incoming students with ideas and concerns that may not be represented in AS&F. Overall I would like to be your Vice President of Internal Affairs because I think that now is a good time to keep up the momentum AS&F has gained in the last few years, to ensure its continued success as a representative body on campus.

Thank you

Laura Cox


 Senator from the School of Business

Cody Morton

 Non-Traditional Senator

Chris Olance

Senator at Large

Wilfred Ronnie Medina

Joel Korngut

Senator from the School of Arts & Letters

Laurel Heimstra