Some notes from the 1st quarterly…

Many of you approached myself or another executive board member with concerns about last night’s quarterly meeting. I would like discuss some of those concerns now, in hopes that they are not a factor in the next quarterly. Please know upfront that no one is pointing any fingers at anyone, these are simply generalized concerns. Also, if any of you have concerns that you have not discussed with us yet, please do not hessitate to contact me by email or during office hours.

That being said, I would like to discuss something that was pointed out to me by faculty and students last night. Many noticed that the 3 bills that did not receive funding were for cultural avenues, while those who requested funds for academic avenues received their funds. I do not in any way think this was done intentionally, but would like to cover it just in case. Please always remember in voting that here at Adams State we value culture at the same level that we value academics, the two are heavily influential on eachother. If a club is requesting money for some form of culturally enriching excursion, that is the same as a club requesting funds for an academically enriching excursion, both are doing so to better themselves as a club and to better represent Adams State.

Please also remember to be respectful of everyone at the meeting. These bills are important to every club and no one club deserves money more than another, therefore when we open the floor for discussion on a bill, please ask your questions in a respectful manner. Also, whether your bill is passed or denied please maintain a professional composure throughout the process.

My only advice for the next quarterly is you can never be too detailed in your presentations for your bill. The more information you present to the senate justifying why you deserve the funds you are asking for, the more apt they will be to consider your requests. If any club needs help with this please come into the senate office, we are more than willing to help you put together a power point and point out key aspects of your clubs involvement and goals, that would help make your case when presenting.

I hope all of you have a great week and please let me know if I can help in any other way!

Travis Blancett
AS&F Secretary