AS&F Poster Policy Update: Revisions Presented @ Monday10/11 Meeting


The committee vetted by AS&F due to student and faculty concerns that the current Poster Policy needed to be rewritten to ensure that it is constitutional and fair for all of the Adams State community will be presenting their revisions this upcoming AS&F meeting at 6pm on Monday October 11th. 

Initially Adams State College AS&F was not going to be voting on the revisions, but Dean of Student Affairs, Ken Marquez, has requested a discussion and vote to take place on Monday to ensure that AS&F give their stamp of approval to the revisions.  If the Senate votes to give the stamp of approval, Dean of Student Affairs, Ken Marquez, will then present the new policy to the President’s Cabinet to vote on replacing the current poster policy. 

To reiterate, Adams State College AS&F Government is not and cannot vote to implement the revisions to the current poster policy, but instead is voting to give the students’ stamp of approval for the constitutionality and fairness of the revisions to the current poster policy.  We welcome any and all concerned students, staff, and faculty to review the revised Poster Policy in question here Proposed Poster Policy Revisions  and/or to join us this Monday night for the discussion of the revisions.