2010-11 Clubs

Club Name Type Contact
ACDA Music Julia Nicholas nicholasjm@grizzlies.adams.edu
ACME Computer Science, Math, Engineering Liz Brownlow ascacme@grizzlies.adams.edu
Adams Atoms Chemistry Tyler Christensen ascchemistryclub@grizzlies.adams.edu
Art League Art Barbi Taylor taylorbl002@grizzlies.adams.edu
Adams State Cheerleading Cheerleading Lindsey Nelson nelsonls@grizzlies.adams.edu
Circle K Volunteer Andrea Livingston livingstonan@grizzlies.adams.edu
Club Sports Council Sports Evan Slagsvold eslagsvold@adams.edu
Diversity & Multicultural Advocacy Okeesitta Clay clayov@grizzlies.adams.edu
Education Club Education Jessica Seal  sealja@grizzlies.adams.edu
ASC Hip Hop Club Dance TBA
JACMA Music Josh Wohlrabe wohlrabejj@grizzlies.adams.edu
MENC Music Garrett Losack losackgs@grizzlies.adams.edu
Model UN Government/Politics Irma Sandoval sandovali@grizzlies.adams.edu
Newman Club Religion Joe Kelso kelsojc@grizzlies.adams.edu
Parnaso Spanish Miguel Chaparro chaparromk@grizzlies.adams.edu
PBL Business Savannah M Schlaufman schlaufmansm@grizzlies.adams.edu
Poker Club Games/Special Interest Nichole Cordova cordovano@grizzlies.adams.edu
PSI CHI Psychology Lindsey Seybold seyboldlm@grizzlies.adams.edu
Psychology Club Psychology Jacque Archuleta archuletajk002@grizzlies.adams.edu
SCI FI Games/Special Interest David Hargis ascscifa@grizzlies.adams.edu
Semillas de la Tierra Dance Vanessa Barela barelavc@grizzlies.adams.edu
TRI BETA Biology Casey Penland penlandcs@grizzlies.adams.edu

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