Second Semester Calendar

Below you will find all of the important AS&F dates for the second semester. These dates are also available on the student activities calendar which can be found here. Note all meetings will be in BUS 142 at 6pm unless otherwise posted.

January 26th AS&F Meeting

February 9th  AS&F Meeting

February 11th first bill deadline


February 18th revised bill deadline


February 23rd 3rd Quarterly Meeting

March 9th AS&F Meeting

March 30th AS&F Meeting

April 1st first bill deadline


April  8th revised bill deadline


April 13th 4th Quarterly

April 27th  Final AS&F Meeting




New Student Activities Calendar

We are very excited to announce the creation of a central online activities calendar. This is the place for you to advertise all of your events, fundraisers, and general meetings. You can check the calendar by going to the student life page at then scroll to the bottom right hand side of the page and click on Student Activities Events.

To submit your events please email with the name of event, time, location, and contact. If you have recurring events just note that in the email. Please help spread the word so students know where they can look to quickly access all of the latest events on campus. Please let us know if you any question.

Quarterly Bills Due Wednesday November 5th.

All funding requests for the second quarterly are due WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 5th BY 5PM to the AS&F office or email. If you have any questions about writing a bill or your club points feel free to stop by the AS&F office in the SUB. Remember bills can be sponsored by a senator or club rep. The forms to submit a bill can be found here.

Remember, if you are requesting for travel the form will automatically double your mileage.  If your bill is incorrect it will be moved further down the agenda,  please be diligent in preparing your requests.

First Quarterly Bills due 5pm Wednesday

Attention Clubs! The first quarterly funding bills are due Wednesday, September 10th BY 5pm.  These can be dropped off in the AS&F office in the Student Life Center or emailed to Remember all bills must be sponsored by a SENATOR. If you have questions about crafting a bill feel free to stop by the AS&F office. 

ps. dont forget Wednesday is also our club fair from 11-2 in the Japanese Garden. Email to sign up.

Club Fair Wednesday!

Attention clubs!  AS&F will be hosting a club fair this coming Wednesday from 11am-2pm at the Japanese Garden out side of McDaniel hall. Clubs this is your chance to recruit new members, students this is your chance to find out about the different organizations on campus. This event is in conjunction with Autumn @Adams and groups will receive 3 AS&F Points.  To reserve a space email VP of Internal Affairs Azarel Madrigal at

VP Of Finance Position Open

Interested in joining the AS&F Executive Board? The appointed position of VP Of Finance is open! To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to the AS&F President, Joe Schlabach, at

Applications are due TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 2nd by 5pm in the AS&F office (in the Student Life Center).

The duties of the VP of Finance are outlined below:

Section 5. Duties of the Vice President of Finance

Section 5a. The AS&F Vice President of Finance shall be appointed by the AS&F President.

Section 5b.  The Vice President of Finance shall serve as the AS&F treasurer and shall be responsible for the maintenance of all ledgers of money allocated by the AS&F Government.

Section 5c.  The Vice President of Finance  shall be a student with a proven competence in math, including a minimum requirement of a passing grade in an Adams State Certified general education math course or any higher math class.

Section 5d.  All financial transactions with AS&F funds shall be through the AS&F Vice President of Finance, who shall in turn be responsible to the AS&F President, the AS&F Government, and the Business Manager of the University for financial statements of expenditures.

Section 5e.  The AS&F Vice President of Finance and the Business Manager of Adams State University shall be responsible for all AS&F funds. They shall keep a permanent record of all receipts and disbursements. They shall submit a budget to the President of the AS&F once each month. The Business Manager shall collect fees and other income; pay all bills, by check, upon receipt of a voucher; and be responsible for publication of all financial statements.


Section 2b.  The Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of External Affairs, Vice President of Finance, Executive Secretary and Chief Justice shall be responsible for keeping AS&F office hours a minimum of six (6) hours per week, to be distributed over a minimum of a three (3) day period.


Section 3b.  The Vice President of Internal Affairs, Vice President of External Affairs, Vice President of Finance, Executive Secretary and Chief Justice shall each receive a salary of $50.00/week, excluding vacation months of June, July and August.

Internship Opportunity

Attention anyone interested in a political internship. We received the following email from a field organizer with the Senator Udall and Tapia campaigns. 

My name is Ben Marvin-Vanderryn, and I am a Field Organizer with the Colorado Democratic Party, working to re-elect Senator Udall and elect Abel Tapia to the United States House of Representatives from Colorado CD-3.  I am responsible for organizing in Alamosa  this fall, and as part of our efforts we are doing outreach at Adams State.  Our campaign really wants to involve college students, especially those with an interest in politics and political careers, through internships and fellowships.

We have a number of different ways for students to be involved, and we believe these internships are an incredible opportunity for college students to make important connections and gain valuable experience while they are still in school.  Thank you in advance for your assistance, and I hope that the beginning of the school year is going well.

If you have any questions, please give me a call.


Ben Marvin-Vanderryn
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