Finishing On Point (Projectile Points that is)

What a whirlwind the end of 2017 was! In all the craziness of trying to finish a projectile point display and finals, I forgot to update y’all on what was happening here at the Salazar Center and Luther Bean Museum! Here’s a recap of my adventure for the fall of 2017:

I began working with the museum’s extensive collection of projectile points and stone artifacts at the start of September as my first project as the Rio Grande del Norte Center intern. My goal was to sort through the masses to find out what the museum even had! After I got the lay of the land so to speak, I began working on better labeling and documenting the points, with a focus on points I found particularly interesting for a display.

The last few weeks of the fall semester I spent analyzing and arranging the points so that they could make a usable and interesting display! It took time to figure out the right groupings and arrangements and once I had those, I had to type and format labels for the groups. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite come together to get the display installed before Christmas break.

During break, the labels came in and so today, my first day back on the job after the holidays, I was able to arrange the objects and labels in the display case! There are just a few more details to arrange before we are ready to put the glass top on and officially open our new projectile points display!