Thank you Tawney Becker, LBM Advisory Committee, and Salazar Family

LBM Advisory Committee Members, left to right: Tawney Becker, Linda Relyea, and Dr. C. Nicholas Saenz

I was very pleased, at the end of my internship, to bring some recognition via the Student Scholar Days 2020 presentation to the Luther Bean Museum, where I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed my internship over the last two years. I want to thank Tawney Becker for her excellent training and mentorship and the Luther Bean Museum Advisory Committee members for their enthusiasm and support. Thank you to Committee Members: Dr. Richard Goddard, Amy Kucera, Leslie Macklin, Linda Relyea, Dr. C. Nicholas Saenz, Eric Stewart, and Delfin Weis. I wish to thank the Salazar Family for their generous support of the Luther Beam Museum that enabled the sponsoring of the Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center Internship program, in which I have had the good fortune to take part.