Diving In: August 2017

Hi! My name is Jordyn Neely, I am the Fall 2017 Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center intern. I am entering my senior year here at Adams State and as an Anthropology major, was super excited when I received word I would be the next intern at the Center! My first week on the job did not disappoint; there is so much to be learned from the collections within the Luther Bean Museum. So far I have barely scratched the surface of knowing what treasures are within the hallowed walls of the second floor of Richardson Hall; and understanding these artifacts will take far more than one semester. So far, my mentor has begun walking me through the mission and duties of museums and what the Salazar Rio Grande del Norte Center strives to accomplish, and I have begun to think about what work I would like to do while I’m here to help contribute to the mission of the Luther Bean Museum and the Salazar Center. It is going to be quite the journey and I am sure it will be filled with more than a few adventures, which I am excited to share with you over the next few months!