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Introducing EZproxy!

Nielsen Library has recently purchased the EZproxy service from OCLC. With this new service, users will be able to log into all library databases using their Adams State username and password.  If you have any questions about using databases off-campus, please contact the reference desk at 719-587-7879.

New Trials from EBSCO!

In an effort to expand their current offerings, EBSCO has released five new databases containing thousands of new journals and a substantial collection of ebooks.  Click on one of the subjects below to have a look:

Applied Science & Technology Source
Covers Computer Science, Chemistry, Energy, Engineering, Food Technology, Geology, and Physics.  More information.

Legal Source
Covers Business Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, Commercial Law, Sports & Entertainment Law, Tax Law, and others. More information.

Education Source
Covers administration, social issues, student counseling, teaching, distance learning, and adult education.  More information.

Library & Information Science Source
Covers circulation, copyright, indexing, library equipment, preservation, publishing, and reference.  More information.

Humanities Source  
Covers archaeology, art, classics, dance, film, history, journalism, literature, music, philosophy, and religion.  More information.

The Journal of Chemical Education – Now Online!

The library has just purchased online access to The Journal of Chemical Education, an important monthly publication published by the American Chemical Society.  This peer-reviewed resource covers both secondary and university education, and includes articles such as “ChemPoker”, “JCE Classroom Activity #111: Redox Reactions in Three Representations”, and “Beer as a Teaching Aid in the Classroom and Laboratory”.  Many of these articles are sponsored and can be accessed for free from your computers at home, however, anything that is not sponsored must be used on-campus for complete full-text access.  Enjoy searching the full archive from 1924-current!

Oxford Art Online Trial

Oxford Art Online is one of the most highly regarded art reference databases in academia.  It allows the user to search a number of art-specific dictionaries and encyclopedias including The Oxford Companion to Western Art, The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics and The Benezit Dictionary of Artists, among other important art reference works.  It also has an image search that allows users to search by keyword and access a variety of high quality images from famous painters.  This database will be offered until the end of May.  For on-campus access click here; for off-campus access, visit the Adam’s State password page for access information.  If you have any comments or concerns about this resource, please let us know here.