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How to vote in Colorado (it’s not too late!)


Voting is your opportunity to have a say in the leaders and the laws that govern us. Here’s some information on how to vote in this year’s elections in Colorado.

Registering to Vote

Registering to vote is the first step in participating in the voting process.

In order to register to vote in Colorado, you must be:

  • A United States citizen
  • A resident of Colorado* for at least the 22 days leading up to election day (Tuesday, November 8, 2016)
    • Non-Colorado residents can consult their home state for voter registration information. You might consult your home state’s information if you’re attending ASU, but you still consider your family’s address in another state to be your permanent address.
  • At least 18 years of age on election day
  • Not serving a sentence of confinement, detention or parole for a felony conviction

*If you aren’t already a Colorado resident, review the residency requirements and prerequisites for any financial aid or scholarships you may have before you consider registering to vote in Colorado.

How to register to vote:

  • If you have a current Colorado driver’s license or ID card, you can register online here! In order to receive a mail-in ballot, register online by Monday, October 31.
  • At the Alamosa County Clerk and Recorder’s office, 8999 Independence Way in Alamosa.


Colorado voters can vote either by mail-in ballot or in person.

To receive a mail-in ballot by mail, you need to register to vote by Monday, October 31.

Completed mail-in ballots must be received (not postmarked) by the Alamosa County Clerk and Recorder by 7pm on election day, Tuesday, November 8. You might want to try and get your mail-in ballot in the mail by the week before the election.

If you’re concerned you might be too late to mail your ballot, you can drop it off:

Mail-in ballots can be dropped off by election day in the provided envelope at:

If you decide to vote in person, you can register to vote any time up until election day.

If you vote in person or you’re voting for the first time by mail, you’ll need an acceptable form of identification.

The polling place (where in-person voting happens) for Alamosa County is the Alamosa County Clerk and Recorder’s office at 8999 Independence Way.

If you’re still unsure about anything related to registering to vote or voting, check with: