New Books This Week

Here’s what’s new for the week of February 10:

The new Jim Crow : mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness
Reading the rocks : the autobiography of the earth
Free will and consciousness : a determinist account of the illusion of free will
Scarcity : why having too little means so much
The Montana vigilantes, 1863-1870 : gold, guns, and gallows
Fashion jewelry, the collection of Barbara Berger
Jesus the radical : the parables and modern morality
Quality education as a constitutional right : creating a grassroots movement to transform public schools
Naturalism’s philosophy of the sacred : Justus Buchler, Karl Jaspers, and George Santayana
Nature’s sublime : an essay in aesthetic naturalism
The marijuana conviction : a history of marijuana prohibition in the United States
Why God won’t go away : brain science and the biology of belief
An introduction to the rock-forming minerals
Bad boys, bad men : confronting antisocial personality disorder (sociopathy)
The goldfinch
My story
Changing the way we die : compassionate end-of-life care and the hospice movement
365 slow cooker suppers
Crack in America : demon drugs and social justice
Banished : the new social control in urban America
Punished : policing the lives of Black and Latino boys
Drug war Mexico : politics, neoliberalism and violence in the new narcoeconomy
Facundo : civilization and barbarism : the first complete English translation
Racism without racists : color-blind racism and the persistence of racial inequality in America
On anger : race, cognition, narrative
God’s doodle : the life and times of the penis
The strange career of marihuana : politics and ideology of drug control in America
The teachings of Don Juan : a Yaqui way of knowledge
The psychology of visual art : eye, brain and art

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