October 21 – 27 is Open Access Week

What is Open Access?

Open Access is the free, immediate, online availability of journal and research articles, and grants researchers the right to re-use the results of other scholars.

Why does Open Access matter?

Most scholarly research is publicly funded, but can’t be accessed without paying hefty journal subscription fees. Open Access seeks to make research results widely available in order to increase their exposure and advance scholarship.

How does Open Access affect me?

Subscription journal databases are one of the most expensive resources the Nielsen Library offers. Before we subscribe to a database we have to carefully consider how beneficial it will be to our students and faculty in order to determine how to best allocate our budget. Open Access drastically increases the number of resources we can provide to meet your research needs.

Where can I learn more about Open Access?

International Open Access Week – The website for the annual Open Access Week campaign

Open Access: Six Myths to Put to Rest – A recent article from The Guardian explaining common misconceptions about Open Access

Directory of Open Access Journals – A large collection of Open Access journals

Open Access Explained – A high quality YouTube video that provides a fantastic introduction to Open Access

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