Meeting Observation; Obama campaign by Tanisha Thomas

You would think for an internship campaigning for the election of president Obama each personal would be put into a nice hotel for the weekend nights, staying in Denver. Although this was proven incorrect after being put into hotel and hostel on 11th avenue and Broadway. The hotel was a disaster, if anyone has seen one of the many movies hostel you would know exactly where I am coming from. Aside from being in a devastating hotel in the heart of downtown Denver, I have to admit the thirteen hour training went quite smoothly. All crew members in Organizing for America; Obama Campaign were settled in one big area next door to the office for the Democratic Party. When you walked in there were many coaches and chairs lined out for everyone to sit. In front was a big stage with a screen projector and plenty of microphones to go around.

It was about 8am when all participants arrived from various parts of Colorado. Everyone would soon begin to eat breakfast which was laid out for us on a bar. The selection of food I chose for this busy morning was a banana nut muffin, blueberry muffin, glass of orange juice, banana and of course COFFEE!!!! Who could possibly start a thirteen hour meeting without all these essential items. When everyone began to sit down two of the 10 speakers who spoke that night appeared on the stage. He preceded to say good morning while maintaining great enthusiasm. After a good introduction to why everyone was here they proceeded to do three ice breakers. The ice breakers were very fun and allowed everyone in the room to mingle, laugh and share there thoughts and passions. My favorite ice breaker that morning was rock paper scissors, a battle to the end which I fell slight short of victory.

After we were done with ice breakers it was about 9:30 am, we all had sat back in our seats while the two speakers began a power point presentation on what exactly a fellows person was for this campaign and how successful they had been during the last election campaign for Obama. Inspiring everyone in the room to try their hardest to makes sure Obama won the 2012 election. The two speakers made sure we knew that Colorado was a very important state to win the election. It happens to be the number one swing state; we not only need the votes but the electoral votes for Obama to win. As we sat down listing we filled out two packets of information. Around Eleven we took a 15min break during this time they had other snacks laid out for everyone to eat. After 15mins were through another two speakers appeared on stage this time to discuss how to persuade and to pursue getting people to register to vote. Than came lunch time which they supplied also, we had at least a 45min break.

It was about around one we did another presentation with two other speakers training us to be official people to register people to vote. At around two we had began to start training for how to be great canvassers. When three o’clock hit everyone was assigned two clip boards to go out to some neighborhoods and talk to pacific houses that needed persuasion and voters that were inactive. This helped us push foweard into our next power point presentation. Dinner which was at 5:30 followed with the next presentation on doing telephone canvassing and how to input data after which was called the “VAN”. During the next couple of hours until 8pm we discussed things that I can’t actually write out on this blog; it’s like top secret lol 🙂

When I dissect the meeting as a whole I realized I have learned a lot already from event planning and leadership. I loved the environment of the meeting that took place everyone had a set goal to ensure the winning of Obama for president. Everyone put there knowledge together to make the meeting run smoothly. Questions were asked throughout the power points to make sure everyone was on the same page. Ice breakers were utilized showing everyone potential and what they can contribute to the team. We got to do one on one interactions by doing canvassing and also getting on stage role playing different scenarios. If I had to change anything I would probably change the lengthiness of it, the hotel situation. I thought having food was a great idea kept everyone motivated and energized. The location of the place was a well thought out place considering it was right next door to the Democratic party.

Well that was my labor day weekend 🙂 happy labor day!!!