Executive Report #1

September 6, 2013


One of the main goals that CASA wants to do is spread the knowledge of what CASA is, to the Adams State community. Some of the ways that CASA is planning on reaching these goals are having social events. Some of the social events are movie nights, roasting/peeling green chile, and the chile cook off. The events that I have listed above have happened or are in the near future. For example; the green chile roasting/peeling happened this afternoon and the movie night will happen on September 16th which is a Monday. The roasting/peeling chile cook off was more for the CASA and food making but still it was a social event that bring people together. The CASA wants to let people know that this place is where students can grow socially, academically, and culturally. The events that are planned are for the people to understand why CASA is there. At the events, we will probably do a brief discussion of what the CASA is and then everyone can socialize.

A personal goal that I have for this group is to learn more about the different minorities that are the CASA as well. I am interested in learning about more about the Spanish language because a lot of people that are affiliated with the CASA are fluent in Spanish. I think it would be interesting to learn about the Hispanic/Mexican heritage and to understand what backgrounds everyone comes from. I believe that this would help me contribute to the CASA a lot more if I learn the culture. Some ways I believe I could help with; planning an event that has Hispanic/Mexican games so people could learn and have fun. The progressions I have made would be learning about where everyone is from and learning about their culture. I have started to build connections with people at the CASA.

The meeting today was actually our first event for CASA and it went quite well I believe. Overall the things we had talked about were reminders of the upcoming events that we need people to volunteer to help. And we also talked about some other fundraisers that the CASA shares with the Diversity Multicultural Club and the Hispanic Club. These fundraisers were things like concession sales at the football games and the international potluck that happens annually.

One thing that the CASA is looking forward to is the movie night that is being held on September 16th. We will be showing movies and having different types of nights that people can munch on. Another event that CASA wants to be part of is the Chili Cook-off. We are planning on maybe having a drink sale because usually food sales don’t work as well as selling drinks. A challenge the CASA is sort of facing is waiting for a grant that they have asked for over the summer. The CASA cannot do at much as we want to but fundraising is going to help us a lot and this is just another obstacle we have to face.

Filling roles as a leader would be contributing to helping the CASA by volunteering my time at the fundraisers that are planned. And also help brainstorm some other ideas for events that will help CASA reach out to the Adams State Community. Being a leader would take some dedication and a lot of responsibility to influence others about what you believe in. I think that the CASA is a really good organization because of what they stand of and I want to be a part of that. These are some of the ways that I can start to contribute to the CASA as a leader.

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