Executive Report #2

Vision Statement

Our club will introduce you to the diverse population at Adams State. To build a place where Natives from different minorities can feel at home. Friendly members, events in honor of our culture, and new discoveries made.

-Diversity Multi-Cultural Club



Summary  Report #2

The Diversity Multi-Cultural Club’s goals are to have minority students feel welcome on campus and to embrace other cultures together as a whole. It has been reported that a lot of minority students feel culturally invisible because it seems as if no one cares for the diverse students. The Clubs goals at the first meeting were to find those students and have them join the family. In one of our first meetings, we made a signs were we put our weaknesses, strengths and etc. Some of the goals that were said were make DMC more public and have more funds. We all decided that these were good goals we would strive for. So far DMC has had their first big fundraiser and that was the Indian Taco sale, we have not sat down for a meeting to discuss the profit. Overall as a member I believe that the next time we do this it should be planned better so other members will know what is going on. There was a lot of miscommunication that had happened today but I am sure to bring that up next meeting. Making DMC public and bring new members in has been going good so far because we have met native students through the CASA house. I believe our next event we will all be focusing on is the homecoming week and then the international potluck.

As a new DMC member and a freshman, I felt that I should learn the ropes before I involve myself into anything. And then I came to find out that I was wrong and as a member of the club I need to involve myself to change things. Although I am still learning more about my abilities, I believe that I have made the club understand why we were here. DMC needs to discuss that as a club we all need to take part in the club so we can remind everyone of the how, what, and why. The goals I plan for DMC to achieve are learning that coming together as a club is important. As well as budgeting for the events that we host; I plan on introducing them to an event planning sheet as well as developing a policy or contact. This will be used when we join groups for fundraisers and then therefore there would be no disagreements during an event. Because a challenge I believe DMC has ran into is co-sponsorship, there were no rules written down and things got out of hand. We have overcame that situation but I do not want it to happened and I will bring this up at the next meeting.


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