Last but not least 🙂 GUNDAM STYLE (does robot…lol)

It was chaotic there had to be papers flying everywhere, and people yelling over each other ( whispers could not be heard). Facial expression priceless nervousness, excitement, panic, and energy rushed across everyone face. This was it! Last meeting before Aids Awareness Week.

Goals of the committee were simple conquer and then party after success. No but to let everyone in the school no matter poor, rich, old or young that it is serious to know about prevention of aids. We as a student body wanted to reassure people that the best way is “business before pleasure.” The progress seemed a little overwhelming because everyone didn’t have that confident level that we need to do an event.

Personal goal that I had was to come everyday with a smile on my face. Without doubt on ones face brings no doubt to others. I wanted to give a 110% to make sure that every event ran smoothly. No errors for errors equal failure.

Actions that were taken during this meeting. Finalization of P.O.’s, rechecked reservations, made sure everything was going to be completed by deadlines. My personal look on how the meeting was ran was that everyone had the same mind set and wanted to accomplish the same things but our communication skills were very off. Me personally could have went about things a lot better maybe taking the head leadership role so that everyone else could have been confident. Maybe ensured myself a more confident level as well.

Goals for the next two weeks 🙂 well we had one week left and that was to accomplish the goal which we did. AIR FIVE TO EVERYONE *

I have helped bring my leadership roles in many ways but I think my most strongest point was my articulate side. Challenges I faced is not being able to tell Aron how amazing he is as a professor. THANK YOU for everything & all that you have taught me. There I said it lol 🙂

Funding 🙂

For Black Student Union Soul Food fundraiser; things that will be needed:

  • Food such as; cornbread, collard greens with ham hocks, candy yams, chicken, pies, mac&cheese, mash potatoes, seasonings, flour, dirty rice…ect $180
  • Refreshments such as drinks, make kool-aid :)….$10
  • Utensils; forks, knifes, spoons, cups, plates and table clothes….$50
  • Music 🙂 Free
  • Venue 🙂 Free (Mcdaniels Hall)

The total of all of these items listed would generate to about $240. (No worries! the amound spent would double after profit is made)

Since I do work with FIG mentoring I could use the budget of $400 I recieve every semester and collebrate with BSU to help pay some of these cost. I would like to think of this event not only to benifit BSU with fundrasing but to benifit students trying a different variety of cultural food. It’s also possible to branch out to senate to get a small donation making a bill of maybe $100. Although everyone knows that can be a hassle lol

All together I think this event would turn out great considering the dedication of the people in BSU and well we are all amazing COOKS 🙂 well at least I know I am :)!

Strategic Plan

<3 Crumpets & Tea <3

I have a vision that all Adams State University students would all gather and have crumpets and tea. A time for all students to relax on the Monday before finals simply because it’s a day we have off and I know how stressful things could be. I believe that all students should experience a sense of elegance. I would hope for Faculty and Staff to participate to engage conversation with students. For example if a student has a question about something that might pertain to their exam they could have the oprotunity to.


    • The Event Chair; whom conducts the meetings setting agendas, supporting the sub- committees to develop goals and themes for crumpets and tea, creating event planning calendar and proof reading all funding plans. More importantly keeping track of the progress each Sub-committee makes while thanking all special guest/ participants. $0
    • Marketing Committee AKA Treasure; Managing the money, organizing fund raisers and having a funding policy. $300
    • Administrator/ Food Committee; person who contacts venues, books venues, gets caters and looks for outside community members/interested organizations to participated. Budget: $500
    • Decorator Committee; does budged for decoration, picks out theme, does all promotions such as flyer’s, sets up the venue and tears down with help of volunteers. Budget: $250
    • Volunteer Committee; assigning tasks for the event, sending reminders, conducting of the minutes. Budget: $0
    • Program Committee; develop goals for committee, arrange payment for guest speakers, establish and create backwards timeline for program planning. Budget: $600
Timeline for goal completion
At least a month in advance to start planning. Booking venues within 3 weeks prior to event making sure to re-check on all reservations that includes food, decorations, venues, guest speakers. Having a budget formulated within a week of the idea. Setting up at least 2hours prior to event to make sure that all sound equipment and food is there at a reasonable time. Executing the event the Monday of finals week. Celebration after the event occurs announcing during crumpets and tea all the hard work each committee has helped with.
Strategy for completing my plan is to compeletely go through with it. To make sure all members in my sub committees are dedicated and willing to give 110% to the goal. Unitl completion I would work hard making sure there are as little mistakes as possible.
By having 2 weekly meetings every week of progress would be the main thing that I would do so that we do not fall behind on the goal.


Executive Report 3

This was the day! The day that me and my fellow interns have been waiting for November 6, 2012 ELECTION DAY!  Everyone knew in their minds that this was going to be one of the longest day’s they have partaken in. It kind of reminded me of finals week due to the fact I had to do my intern and turn around and take my senior exit exam 🙁  (although I think I did fantastic on that). So the day started bright and early 6am. Everyone knew that the day would at least continue to about midnight before the results rold in but there was many things that we needed to accomplish before then.

The committee would sit down in the Democratic Office waiting for instructions. First thing was first the goals of the day. Everyone would have a certain amount of doors they would need to knock on, phone calls that needed to be made, smiles that needed to be put upon others faces just to persuade voters to vote for Obama. After getting packets of specific people that needed to be targeted we made sure to inform everyone how much of a great job they had been doing for the past two months. We informed those that everything would be worth while in the long run. To progress our self towards this common goal we knew we needed nothing but positive attitude and tons of coffee.

My personal goal was simple; to make sure I wasn’t going to half ass my part of contribution. I knew that I had to stay aware and not panic when it came down to how frantic everything was going to go. I set the goal that I would accomplish knocking on every door that I was assigned and make phone calls until those polls closed. I believe that by the end of the night I had progressed to success!

Some action items that were completed was of course the celebration that we had at ruby slipper for every hard working volunteer that had helped out no matter if it was for 2 mins! We also made sure that everyone had food. We supplied meals throughout the day. After we had came together while watching the election we knew that even if we would have lost we had came out not empty handed. We had made knew friends, connections, we had gathered smiles, laughter and frustration. We were very pleased with what we had all accomplished by coming together.  The advisor told everyone how outstanding they have been and guaranteed us recognition to the public which indeed he did that night! For one night we had felt like we made a difference to the valleys. All local Democrats that ran in the Valley had won there campaigns.

After this experience I realized I probably would never do this again!. It was fun while it lasted I contributed. I gave all I could give. Although in the end I realized this would never be a career choice I would pursue. I would like to think I brought something to the table and helped others keep positive attitudes. I think the meeting leading up to 12 o’clock that night went very smoothly everyone was enthused to help out.

Event Critique

V.I.P TICKETS TO SEE THE VICE PRISIDENT JOE BIDEN! A chance to see the heart of the campaign; to see his right hand man deliver an amazing speech. Hundreds of people waited outside Central High School in Pueblo, Colorado on November 3rd. The meaning of this speech was very important to those who attended because there was only 3 more days left in the election and we as citizens needed to make a change, to stand together and fight for our now re-turining President Obama. There were two lines the line that had the average Joe with blue tickets and the line with amazing people such as myself with red tickets indicating front row seats which included a package of hand shakes, hugs and pictures. 🙂 After about 2 hours of waiting in line you were then allowed to enter the building. Security was tight! You had to go through a metal detector you couldn’t bring any forms of liquid. They even wouldn’t allow CHAP STICK or buttons -__-. (Yes folks it was that rough). After being seated we waited about another hour before the event started. I do wish that they would have had some refreshment’s although they did have music playing and some high schoolers doing ballet. The auditorium was filled all the seats were finally taken. Everyone was given instructions not to have the flash on the camera, not to yell obscene words due to the fact that we would be on TV.

At that time 6 guest speakers came out before the Vice President. Another 30mins would pass by while we wait. It was the best 30mins Ive ever waited on when Biden came out the crowd lit up and excitement thrilled everyone. He might not have been President Obama but he was damn near close.

After analysing the event I realized that if you are going to keep people at an event for a very long time waiting that food or some sort of entertainment should be offered. The lack of energy within a person can deter when being bored occurs. To keep a crowd motivated during the awaiting of a speech I believe maybe some small activities in that large group of setting is also needed. Or perhaps small booths with items to sell. This would have been a great opportunity to do so. I believe that one of the strong points of this event had was the security that was used. I also liked the set up and how people were seated. Everyone managed to follow rules and participate with enthusiasm.

A way that I would implement a solution is to simply have chosen a better venue where there could have been food served. Luckily it was a nice sunny day out side but if you take into account if it would have been raining everyone standing outside waiting for hours would have been highly upset. A disadvantage to my changes would include dis organization when it came to gathering everyone to head inside the building. Not knowing how much to estimate when it came to the amount of food that needed to be provided. To approach the situation in this manner would better help people to have more spirit going in on a full stomach and not seeming so uninterested on TV.

Some issues that could have possibly limited the success of the event could very much be the attitude the leaders had brought with them that day. I understand they were stressed due to it being 3 days until the election but that negative energy rubbed off on some of the people who came to the event. People were tired of being bombarded with questions of volunteers every 2 mins. You would think once you said no the answer would stay no. The tensions were high but I feel like they could have handled themselves more professionally.


Executive Report 2

Today is September 23 2012 I am holding a Students for Obama meeting. Throughout the week I have conducted alot of phone calls, emails and text messages to ensure that all of the volunteers and fellows come enjoy some free pizza while we brain storm the next 44 day’s left of the campaign but more importantly the next few weeks. In the next two weeks voter registration comes to a halt the end is near for people to register to vote, making this time period very important and crucial to the campaign.

Some committee goals set for the next few weeks is to knock on as many doors as possible on campus and in the community. We need to persuade more volunteers to come out and to do so. It has been very hard just sticking with the same 5 interns to do all of the work, keeping in mind we have about 10 of them and only 50 percent of us is dishing out 120% of the work! As you can tell I am very frustrated!!!.

Some personal goals that I have set for myself is not to become to stressed the road is coming to an end but it will be a sweet victory. This week I have to conduct a social on the green so students can enjoy making door decks and getting face painting facials :)! I also will be trying to get a lot of people out for the Bowling for Obama on Tuesday evening free bowling and pizza for those who get at least 5 voter registration forms ( a little incentive. A main personal goal is to continue staying on top of everything so nothing goes wrong.

Some action items completed would be this weekend we as group had a quota to get 75 registered voters although we have done this task and persuaded very hard we have fallen a little short 🙁

A personal reflection of the meeting we got a lot done. Had a good amount of volunteers to come by 🙂 After the meeting we did some canvassing to get more of our quota not quite sure if we reached it but I hope we did. Alot of personal stepped up to the plate during this meeting with their brainstorming and dedication to help out with upcoming events. Communication level needs to increase although. The next time I sit down to facilitate a meeting I will have someone else take notes and shadow me on how I did. I believe I could have brought a better attitude to the meeting since I had a lack of energy from sleep and being upset with other fellows not following through with their responsibility.

Some actions towards some of the goals that I will be pursuing in the next two weeks will be to recruit more volunteers have a better agenda planned out not only for myself but my co-workers so that we can all accomplish each goal without rushing but in a timely manner.

I think I have done my part as a leader thus far with covering for peoples mistakes, helping others, being positive and ensuring a victory at the end. By telling my coworkers that they are doing a wonderful job and it will all pay off. I aslo feel I have been pretty persistent on tackling tasks, I really need to work on better management on time so I don’t have such a stressed week. ( I am working from 9am till 10pm today) -___- long day but I am still carrying a smile 🙂

Some challenges that I have been having is finding people who will actually go through with being volunteers, maybe there is another tactic I can look into to persuade those that they are truly making a difference.



Vision & Mission Statements

Adams State Mission & Vision Statement: provides resources  guiding students to opportunities. The members of the University have leaders that inherent educational value of diversity. The program recognizes the value of continual improvement while embracing diversity of culture and ideas that stimulate intellectual growth.

Students for Obama Vision Statement: success requires the highest commitment to obtaining and retaining a diverse staff that provides the best quality services to supporters and constituents. Obama for America and Organizing for America helps students learn the ins and outs of a political campaign by staying focused and opening resources to students.

Both group Values and Vision Summarized: Strives for equality embracing diverse groups of people supporting personal growth of individual while providing resources. To create a community of self-responsibility of intellectual individuals.

My Vision Statement: To help empower young students to believe in their own unique leadership qualities by becoming informed in by current issues of the individuals that are behind or above them. Students at the end of the campaign will be able to take self-evaluations after acquiring leadership knowledge and skills from personal use.

My Mission Statement: Students form roles, good work ethic, meet connections that may benefit them in the future and be able to recognize and develop their own leadership potential in a work

My Goals:
Send a powerful message to students and the community to vote for president Obama. To be capable to organize my own events such as a personal campaign. Meet connections from outsiders to help me after graduation. Apply my communication skills to further help me in the future.

Self Analysis:

After taking my own analysis on how I am as leader I have to say I wasn’t the least bit shocked. I have always been self driven and dedicated to things that I partake in as a leader. I feel as though I am not only benefiting myself but others as well.

Executive Report 1:

As the Fellows sit down down to gather all progress throughout the week on September 9th 2012 at 3pm we all let out a big exhaling breath. For this week was also known as the Action week; a competition between university’s seeking who could register the most people to vote and canvassing (knocking on doors). As I have unknowingly have began to take the leadership role; setting up meetings and making sure us a whole stay on task. I insured all of my fellows that they did a wonderful job this week working hard in the cold rainy Alamosa weather and the heat from today.

I myself have set out many personal goals set for this time period in the next 57 days I would want to make sure that Obama wins his campaign by doing my part as a volunteer. To progress through these goals I have made myself a self planner and an overload of work. I have came in to do office work, on phonebanking, door-to-door action and asking random people where ever I go if they are registered to vote. Another goal I seek is to make myself well known in the community and out side communities to ensure a great future for myself before I graduate, this will help me to find a job. If I have learned anything it’s not what you know it’s who you know in politics.

Some action items that have been completed would include updating of data into computer systems, persuasion on independent voters by going to their doors and speaking to them personally, us a a committee have acquired a lot of registered voters. We as a committee have taken extra time from our free time to make sure that each goal was completed to come out with higher numbers than other universities in competition.

After the meeting we did a general summarization of what fund raising events we could do to help with the campaign, one idea would include a car wash or democratic party debate. As many know in the valley there has been some concerns from the republican tea party down in Alamosa, they don’t feel as though we should get credit for a course and the school has been bias which is untrue so we talked about an article that was written in the courier newspaper as well.  My personal reflection of the meeting is that we covered a lot of ground, we backtracked to see if we have been doing things the right way.  My self-assessment I believe I did a great job by keeping the meeting quick and simple my abstracting a lot of details from the weekend. I hope we did enough door knocks to win the competition.

Some goals for the next two weeks would be that we get even more registered to vote so that we eliminate Colorado as a swing state. We as a committee would like to include more of the community; the community as a whole has been doing an outstanding job when it comes to volunteer hours the dedication has been unbelievable.

Some challenges I have been having is trying to maintain not being to politically corrupt and just trying to understand how things work in the political world.

Facilitation Analysis: Internship

You would think for an internship campaigning for the election of president Obama each personal would be put into a nice hotel for the weekend nights, staying in Denver. Although this was proven incorrect after being put into hotel and hostel on 11th avenue and Broadway. The hotel was a disaster, if anyone has seen one of the many movies hostel you would know exactly where I am coming from. Aside from being in a devastating hotel in the heart of downtown Denver, I have to admit the thirteen hour training went quite smoothly. All crew members in Organizing for America; Obama Campaign were settled in one big area next door to the office for the Democratic Party. When you walked in there were many coaches and chairs lined out for everyone to sit. In front was a big stage with a screen projector and plenty of microphones to go around.

It was about 8am when all participants arrived from various parts of Colorado. Everyone would soon begin to eat breakfast which was laid out for us on a bar. The selection of food I chose for this busy morning was a banana nut muffin, blueberry muffin, glass of orange juice, banana and of course COFFEE!!!! Who could possibly start a thirteen hour meeting without all these essential items. When everyone began to sit down two of the 10 speakers who spoke that night appeared on the stage. He preceded to say good morning while maintaining great enthusiasm. After a good introduction to why everyone was here they proceeded to do three ice breakers. The ice breakers were very fun and allowed everyone in the room to mingle, laugh and share there thoughts and passions. My favorite ice breaker that morning was rock paper scissors, a battle to the end which I fell slight short of victory.

After we were done with ice breakers it was about 9:30 am, we all had sat back in our seats while the two speakers began a power point presentation on what exactly a fellows person was for this campaign and how successful they had been during the last election campaign for Obama. Inspiring everyone in the room to try their hardest to makes sure Obama won the 2012 election. The two speakers made sure we knew that Colorado was a very important state to win the election. It happens to be the number one swing state; we not only need the votes but the electoral votes for Obama to win. As we sat down listing we filled out two packets of information. Around Eleven we took a 15min break during this time they had other snacks laid out for everyone to eat. After 15mins were through another two speakers appeared on stage this time to discuss how to persuade and to pursue getting people to register to vote. Than came lunch time which they supplied also, we had at least a 45min break.

It was about around one we did another presentation with two other speakers training us to be official people to register people to vote. At around two we had began to start training for how to be great canvassers. When three o’clock hit everyone was assigned two clip boards to go out to some neighborhoods and talk to pacific houses that needed persuasion and voters that were inactive. This helped us push foweard into our next power point presentation. Dinner which was at 5:30 followed with the next presentation on doing telephone canvassing and how to input data after which was called the “VAN”. During the next couple of hours until 8pm we discussed things that I can’t actually write out on this blog; it’s like top secret lol 🙂

When I dissect the meeting as a whole I realized I have learned a lot already from event planning and leadership. I loved the environment of the meeting that took place everyone had a set goal to ensure the winning of Obama for president. Everyone put there knowledge together to make the meeting run smoothly. Questions were asked throughout the power points to make sure everyone was on the same page. Ice breakers were utilized showing everyone potential and what they can contribute to the team. We got to do one on one interactions by doing canvassing and also getting on stage role playing different scenarios. If I had to change anything I would probably change the lengthiness of it, the hotel situation. I thought having food was a great idea kept everyone motivated and energized. The location of the place was a well thought out place considering it was right next door to the Democratic party.

Well that was my labor day weekend 🙂 happy labor day!!!

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