Executive Report

As the President for the Pacioli Executive Board, I can confidently say that I feel as though our club is going in a positive direction.  There has been many milestones that my Executive Board has reached in these recent weeks following the beginning of the semester.  Initially, this year Pacioli began with four members.  With the hard work and dedication of the Executive Board, we were successfully able to increase the membership amount drastically.  The current paid members sits roughly around 20, and the prospective members that remain unpaid is in the ballpark of an additional 30 people.

On a separate note, I have realized that a club that is growing at the speed that Pacioli is results in obstacles with communication.  Trying to convey messages to our members and make sure that each of them are on the same page has been a very difficult task.  It has began to echo that same difficult among the Executive Board members.  I have noted that I need to incorporate a list similar to the one that fellow classmate Michelle Little presented during one of the first days of this class.  That table not only holds the members of the club accountable for the duties that they claim, but it also gives me the opportunity to develop my responsibilities as a President.

Opportunities for Pacioli have become so abundant in number that I want to focus on “staying true” to the vision and the why that the Executive Board laid out for the club.  I believe that the prime opportunity for me to navigate to this point is by working with my members to develop a Constitution for Pacioli.  The Constitution conceptually acts as a navigational chart to direct the club in the direction that it NEEDS to go in.  I know that I do not know everything that the capacity of the Presidency  demands, but I am learning slowly, and with the help of my officers I will reach many points of wisdom.  I also know that this class and my fellow classmates will offer me many opportunities to learn and develop my skills as well.

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