Strategic Plan & Executive Report

Strategic Plan

            Our Vision for the International Potluck is to Promote Peace, Unity and Cultural Enlightenment within the community. We want to bring together communities; Adams State Students as well as local community members to celebrate diversity. The Adam State Diversity Multicultural Club has held the International Potluck for several years now. Over the years it has been a successful event and this is the first year the club is going to make a profit. This is one goal that DMC wants to accomplish; we are going to charge admission. It is going to be, “A dish and a Dollar”, it was very complicated to decide on the fee. Another goal we have is to educate people on what diversity is and to promote what other nationalities are here in Alamosa.

Four months ago, DMC decided the next theme was to be a Middle Eastern theme. We talked about how much of a budget we had and how much we needed to fundraise for the event. In September we discussed what resources we have and where we could get donations from. The month before we started to discuss what kind of poster we should make. We also started to contact the performers and place a location. The month of is when the club began to set dates, advertise, make payments, etc. The third week we starts to split up the work and have people sign up to make posters, hand our flyers, write in the paw print, etc. The second week we called the performers to make sure they were coming. The week before we started to post more advertising around campus and make sure restaurants would donate. The week of we made sure performers were set, the food would arrive/be picked up and people were paid. We spent $550 on performers, $50 at SLV Pizza, $150 at May-Wa’s, and $100 at Cavillos, as well as $50 for sound system. We had $100 for miscellaneous.


Executive Report

            I was going to write about planning the International Potluck first but I decided to talk about an event I did not help plan my first year at college. I am going to talk about how I planned for my senior prom; I was on the prom committee. Planning prom was a very stressful time because it was mainly my friend Christianna and I. We were the only people who wanted to plan prom, no one else really helped us. Comparing then to now, I can see that there would be a lot of major changes that I would have done. For example; I would have made a committee with people and made weekly meetings. I have learned a lot of things in Aaron’s class that I may have overlooked in high school.

Some of these are the most simplest things such as; weekly meetings, updates, budgeting, and having a checklist. My friend Christianna and I did not have the best teachers helping us through our event. And pretty much everyone decided that they didn’t need to help. I did not do a lot of things that I have done with the events recently. I did not have a reason or goal for the prom committee, except to get it over with.

Unlike planning the International Potluck, we did not have people with experience helping us. We planned our Homecoming Dance but that was nothing compared to planning a prom. At the beginning of the year we planned how many people we could gather that could be the prom committee. The signs were up for quite a while, but no one came. The people that did come never stayed because they did not like how much worked went into planning. After gathering like three people we decided to start planning and it first started off with how much was in our budget. There was like $5,000 in our budget but we did not want to spend the whole thing. Next we decided on what type of theme we could afford and what we could use from other prom decorations. In February, we started to look for a reasonable DJ and didn’t have to worry about a location because the Elk’s Lodge in Farmington had been reserved for us the year before.

After that we ordered the decorations from this prom committee. In March it was crunch time because we wanted to have prom in April so we gathered together and began to advertise. We started to sell the prom tickets and since our school was small, it was not difficult to let people know when prom was. Three weeks before we started to contact local stores and bought fruit trays, punch, and other refreshments. Two weeks before people barely started to buy tickets from us which surprised us because that’s when we raised the prices for tickets. During that second week before prom we contacted the DJ and the location to see when to set up and who to pay.

During the second week, we started to get a lot of seniors that wanted to help decorate because it would get them out of class. And of course we needed the help but we only picked the people who would work. That week we made up different committees because a lot of people wanted to help. The week of prom we had gotten a lot done because there were more people to help us. And so we had a good prom but it was hard because half of the things I learned in Aaron’s class we did not do. The moral to this is that although it may seem like the simpliest stuff, it is the main important ones. I have learned a lot in this class that I have applied the some events I planned for DMC.


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