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Executive Report #4

Event planning for me used to be call a bunch of friends to see what they were doing, and who could meet where. I used to think that being an event planner was something only for weddings and big arrangements such as that. All that is a thing of the past. What I realize now is that event planning is one of those things that are behind the scenes to everything.

I would have never seen myself going through all the trouble to put on an event. I especially never thought that I would like it either. Event planning is a practice that takes, time, patience, and a whole lot of commitment. Before it used to be something that I would take measures to avoid. Now I feel like it has open up whole new doors for me. Event planning in the past has looked a little something like this:
Have an idea. Find out how to do it. Call everybody and tell them to come and help.
That has worked before but there is a lot of planning involved in order to make sure that every thing goes well. Not saying that my previous methods haven’t worked before. 99% of my events in the past have been improvised and thrown together at the last second and have hit off very well. Others end up crashing and burning. That is why now I realize that not everyone can just drop what they are doing to help you. In order not to inconvenience others I try to plan ahead as much as possible.

A saying that I’ve heard twice now in the semester is “Be impeccable with your word.” This saying has rung through my ears now that I have heard it a second time, and directed more toward myself. It is disheartening to say that you have not been completely honest with others let alone yourself. Ever since I have heard this saying again I have tried to do my best In everything I do, within reasonable bounds.
Another thing that is different for me now then before is that I am a VERY futuristic thinker, meaning that I can see something that could go great, but do not necessarily take the time to act upon making it great. Now being in this class I have been forced to jumpstart the activator side of my skill-set which means putting plans into action and not just sitting aside waiting for them to happen. I used to never like talking to people that I don’t really know. But now when you are forced to talk to people to help you make things happen has really changed something inside of me with my confidence and shyness. Now I can go right up to people and ask them if they are the right person I need to see or if they can direct me to someone who can help.

I really enjoy coming up with ideas to help plan with events now. Back in the day I used to just be one of the cogs working the clock, helping out where I could and trying to utilize myself in the best way possible to help others. It feels good now to be on the upper deck of the participation ship to better programming.

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  1. Scott, good job applying class concepts to the Obeservation. I am impressed by your ability to see what we are talking about in other circumstances. In regards to the evaluation piece, I would encourage you to address both things the group did well and ways they can improve. You synthesize what you saw into possible future practice (you label this applying in your post) well. The only things missing is a comprehensive description aid the meeting. I want more detail the so I can fell like I was there. Overall, good start!

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