Assignments Descriptions

Executive Reports (10 points each)


For each unit of instruction, each student is required to turn in an executive report to reflect both a culmination of goals, events, actions, and strategies for that time period as well as an element of reflection in regard to working with groups and personal development through project management.  Each report is to be 2-3 pages in length typed, and should include the following information.

  • Committee goals set for this time period and a discussion of progress toward these goals
  • Personal goals set for this time period and a discussion of progress toward these goals
  • Action items completed
  • Meeting summaries with committee, advisor, or outside organizations including a personal reflection of the meeting with any questions or follow-up needed
  • Please provide a self-assessment on your facilitation of the meeting (if you facilitated), anything you would change about your facilitation or the process of the meeting, conflict that arose and how you handled it, and anything you would like to change for your next meeting.
  • Goals for the next two weeks and actions you plan to take toward achieving your goals
  • Examples of how you have fulfilled your role as a leader within the committee/organization
  • Challenges you are having/assistance you need

Facilitation Observation Analysis (20 points)


You are to attend a meeting of your choice to assess the meeting in terms of effective meeting facilitation.  Please provide a thorough account describing and evaluating facilitation components such as meeting environment/space, facilitation preparation, organization, inclusivity and empowerment of members, ability to address arising conflict, engaging the disengaged, shared vision, community development, meeting closure, and other observations you may have had.  You will need to write a 3-4 page paper discussing the meeting experience and analyzing the meeting facilitation in regard                                                                                                          to the above concepts (described further in class).


Vision Statement (20 points)


Each student will create a vision statement based on the goals of either his/her position or his/her committee.  This vision should complement the overall Adams State College vision but be specific to what the short-term and long-term vision of the position or committee is.  You will need to incorporate effective visioning techniques and strategies as learned in class to your vision.


Event Critique (20 points)


You will attend an event that you did not help to plan or execute, either at Adams State, or in the community.   You are to analyze it and determine the factors that increased or limited the event’s success based on what we covered in class.  This analysis should be in the form of a 3-4-page paper discussing what the successful aspects of the program are, what the problem(s) are, what the potential solutions are, and how you would go about implementing a solution with a discussion on the risks or disadvantages involved with your solution.  Finally, discuss why you approached the situation as you did.


Strategic Plan (30 points)


Each student will create a strategic plan for AIDS Awareness Week, or his/her position or committee.  The strategic plan should be typed and presented in a professional format on the due date.  Each student will present his or her plan to the committee during midterms. The strategic plan needs to address the following areas.

  • Brief overview of vision
  • Purpose your position or committee serves
  • 5 goals for your position/committee

◦       For each goal, list at least 3 action-oriented initiatives you or your committee will need to do to accomplish that goal

  • Timeline for goal completion
  • Strategies for effectively and efficiently completing your plan
  • Outline of committee/position budget in accordance with goals, initiatives, and strategies


Fund Management (30 points)


Based on either the vision of AIDS Awareness Week or based on the vision of your position or committee, determine needs that could be fulfilled by a sponsorship initiative.  This could include any type of fundraising activity, soliciting donations of either money or goods, or other creative means of generating revenue.  For your project, you are to write a 3-5-page proposal that discusses the need you are trying to find sponsorship for as well as a thorough description of your idea.  You should research and find out what steps you would need to take to actually perform this initiative.  This includes any College policies specific to your proposal, understanding how your target organization allocates money and anything specific that is required of your plan.


In addition to writing the proposal, you are to create a 10-minute presentation to the class.  Each student is to receive a copy of your proposal for the presentations.  Sign-ups for presentation and project due date will be done in class prior to the due dates.