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Syllabus Event Planning and Leadership (HEAL 279)

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Course Overview:

The Event Planning and Leadership course is designed to train students involved in leadership positions and event planning with Adams State College (ASC). This course will prepare those responsible for planning and implementing events to begin working with teams, marketing strategies, budget management, collaboration, vision, and program planning.

Course Objectives:

The Event Planning and Leadership Course offers students an opportunity to apply, build upon, improve and reflect on their personal leadership skills and styles. This course integrates practical/experiential work with academic work. The course is designed to help students learn the art of program planning while serving in positions responsible for events on campus.

Specific Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn to articulate values, mission, and vision as it applies to program planning
  • Students will understand the structural aspects of program planning including design, operations, and staffing patterns (recruitment and retention)
  • Students will learn about budget management and the financial process of program planning including sponsorships, revenue generation, and working with fundraising boards
  • Student will understand a variety of marketing strategies including publicity and promotions
  • Students will have the opportunity to maximize and reflect on group work experience
  • Students will develop an expanded awareness of diversity as it applies to large-scale planning including aspects of needs assessments intentional program planning, and ethical decision
  • making
  • Students will enhance their leadership and organizational skills through working with others and through the overall program planning process
  • Students will enhance their written and oral communication skills through reflective writing, out-of class assignments, and class presentations.