New Books This Week

Here’s what’s new for the week of January 27:

The circle : a novel
The invention of wings
When the king took flight
The autistic brain : thinking across the spectrum
The rational animal : how evolution made us smarter than we think
Coping with concussion and mild traumatic brain injury : a guide to living with the challenges associated with post concussion syndrome and brain trauma
Manifesta : young women, feminism, and the future
Amazing amber
An introduction to statistical learning : with applications in R
Applied predictive modeling
The elements of statistical learning : data mining, inference, and prediction
The architect’s brother
Showcase 500 art necklaces
Is there anything good about men? : how cultures flourish by exploiting men
More than nature needs : language, mind, and evolution
They were soldiers : how the wounded return from America’s wars–the untold story
Culture reexamined : broadening our understanding of social and evolutionary influences
The Rorschach Inkblot Test : an interpretive guide for clinicians
Contemporary jewelry in perspective
21st century jewellery designers. An inspired style

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