SOC 455 Sociological Research Methods

Syllabus for SOC 455 Sociological Research Methods and Lab 2019

Sociological Research Methods & Lab Syllabus 2019

Where are the Data and the Codebooks? Data Resources 2019

Research Project Examples 

Research Project Example Using Original Data Example of Original Data Research Project

Research Project Example Using Secondary Data Example of Secondary Data

Examples of appropriate format for charts in your final project for T-Test of Means, Frequency Tables, Cross-tabs Tables Example of T-Test, Frequency Table, Cross-tabs Table Representation on Word Document

Lecture #1  Chapter 1 Human Inquiry & Science

Worksheet: Analyzing the Research Projects Worksheet Analyzing Two Students’ Projects

Lecture #2  Chapter 2 Paradigms, Theory, Research

Assignment #1 Thinking About a Research Question 2019

Lecture #3 Chapter 3 Ethics & Politics

Chapter #4 Chapter 4 Research Design

Steps in Designing a Research Project Steps in Designing a Research Project 2019

Lecture #5 Chapter 5.Concept.Measure.Operate

Lecture #6 Indexes and Scales Chapter 6. Indexes & Scales

Lecture #9 Survey Research Chapter 9 Survey Research

Assignment Practicing Creating Survey Questions Assignment Practicing Survey Questions 2019

Lecture #7 Logic of Sampling Chapter 7. The Logic of Sampling

Lecture #8 Experiments Chapter 8.Experiments

Lecture #10 Qualitative Field Research Chapter 10QualitativeFieldResearch

Lecture #11 Unobtrusive Research Chapter 11Unobtrusive Research

Lecture #12 Evaluation Research Chapter 12EvaluationResearch

Lecture #13 Qualitative Data Analysis chapter-13qualitativedataanalysis

Lab Assignments

Lab Assignment #1: Lab Assignment #1 2019

Lab Assignment #2: Lab Assignment #2 2019

Lab Assignment #3: Lab Assignment #3 2019

Lab Assignment #4: Lab Assignment #4 2019

Lab Assignment #5: Lab Assignment #5 2019

Lab Assignment#6: Lab Assignment #6 2019

Lab Assignment #7: Lab Assignment #7 2019

HOW TOs & Rubrics:

Literature Review How To The Literature Review & Rubric 2019

Cover Page & Introduction How To. Cover Page & Introduction & Rubric 2019

Methods Section How To. Methods Section & Rubric 2019

Preliminary Analysis of Data Assignment. Preliminary Analysis of Data 2019

Findings & Conclusion Sections How-To.-Analyze-Your-Data-The-Findings-Section-The-Conclusion-Rubric-2019

Full Completed Project-Document Rubric. Final Research Project 2019



Reading: Grounded Theory and Participatory Action Research Reading. Grounded Theory & Participatory Action Research


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