SOC 320 Marriages and Families

Textbook for Fall 2019 Marriages and Families Class

Schwartz, Mary Ann and BarBara Marliene Scott. 2018. Marriages and Families:   Diversity and Change.  Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Publishing. Eighth Edition. ISBN 9780134636016. Available online only.

Syllabus M&F Syllabus 2019

Participation Assignments M & F Participation 2019

Discussion-Debate Assignments M&F Discussion-Debate Assignments 2019

Readings for Discussion-Debate-Leaders

Discussion-Debate #1: Is the American Family in Trouble?

The Yes Side American Family in Trouble. Yes

The No Side American Family in Trouble. No

Discussion-Debate #2: Should a 17 Year Old (or younger) Girl Seeking an Abortion Be Required to Obtain Her Parents’ Permission?

The Yes Side: Parents’ Permission to Obtain Abortion Yes

The No Side: Parents’ Permission to Obtain Abortion No

Discussion-Debate #3: Right to Die Debate

The Yes Side Should People Have the Right to Die. Yes

The No Side Should People Have the Right to Die. No

Review Sheets

Review Sheet for Exam I Prep First Exam 2019

Review Sheet for Exam II PrepSecondExam19

Review Sheet for Exam III PrepThirdExam19












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