SOC 305 Rural Sociology

Lectures Since Spring Break

The Global Economy: Parts I and II

Chapter 9. The Global Economy Part I Collaborate

Chapter 9. The Global Economy Part II Collaborate

Chapter 10 Consumption and Rural America Chapter 10. Consumption in Rural America Collaborate

Chapter 11 Governance Chapter 11. Governance Collaborate

Chapter 12 Generating Community Change Chapter 12. Generating Community Change Collaborate

Syllabus Syllabus Rural Sociology 2020

Reflection Assignments Reflection Assignments Rural Sociology 2020

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Reflection Assignment #2: Chapters 1, 2 & 3 and reading about Community Supported Agriculture Collaborative Community Agriculture Community Capitals Framework

Reflection Assignment #3: Chapter 4 Human Capital and Lobato Lawsuit Lobato Lawsuit News

Reflection Assignment #4: Chapters 5 Social Capital and Chapter 6 Political Capital and Reading about the public lands grazing issue: Please see the document “Reflection Assignments” up above. All of the information for the assignment is on that document.

Reflection Assignment #5: Chapter 7 Financial Capital and

Reading: “Cautionary Tale: Discriminatory Lending…” Waddell_Rural Sociology_Discriminatory Lending

Reflection Assignment #8: Chapter 10 Consumption in Rural America and Responsible Consumerism

Reading:  “Who’s Growing You?” Whos Growing You


Review Exam #1 Review for Exam #1 2020

Review Exam #2 Review for Exam #2 2020

Review for Exam #3 Review for Exam #3 2020 Rural Sociology


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