SOC 395 Pre-Professional Seminar


Syllabus SOC 395 Pre-Professional Seminar 2019

Employment After Graduation

Sociology Career Search Workshop with Librarian

Assign #1. Researching Employment Opportunities & Rubric 2019

The Personal Statement as Application for Graduate School or Employment

Assign #2. Personal Statement & Rubric 2019


Information About Internships

Internship Information 2019

List of Internship Contacts for Criminology Internships

Criminology Internships September 2019

List of Internship Contacts for Social Work Internships

Social Work Internships September 2019

Graduate School

Assign #3. Researching Graduate Schools & Rubric 2019


Assign #4 Resume Information & Rubric 2019

Cover Letters

Class Assignments #5 and #7; NOTE: There are two parts (below) due to file being too large.

Assignment #5 Cover Letter Part I 2019

Assignment #5 Cover Letter & Rubric Part II 2019

Mock Interviews

Assign #9. How to Interview Effectively & Rubric 2019

Study Guide for Final Exam Study Guide Final Exam 2019



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