Day Three: Familias Unidas by Brett Forster

March 21, 2016 We had the great opportunity to meet with Familias Unidas and get to know Marisa, head of the program. She explained how Familias Unidas got started by building concrete houses for those families who had casas de cartón (cardboard). To me, it’s incredible how a program like this came to be just starting with a few houses and now Familias Unidas has around 25 years running. We had the chance to paint at two houses and meet with the nicest people. Even though we were trying to serve them by painting their house, they were serving us! It really opened my eyes to see how happy people can be even without having certain technology or not having a big house, but by having family and friends that’s all a person needs. Towards the end of the night the kids invited us to play soccer with them, and just seeing the joy they had in playing a simple game even though they had a lot of financial problems was an amazing experience. The most inspiring part of the day was when a lady named Krystal explained her situation to us. Her Husband, even though he was living in the United States almost until he graduated, got deported. She told us of how she had to drive 3 hours to go to work, and how he was working to take care of his family and working to get his papers. They had no family nearby to help them, but they are working so hard every day to make it work. They don’t take anything for granted. Iit hit me so hard that I worry about so many little things that in the long run don’t matter. Her story touched me to want to work as hard as I can and not take opportunities for granted.


Day Two: First Foot in México. By Chelsie Smith

Sunday, March 20 – Naco, Mexico
Today was the first day I set foot in Mexico. It was like stepping back in time. The food was amazing and everything was freshly made. I tried this donut that had egg in it and it was amazing. The buildings made it feel as if we were back in time. They were painted bright colors like green and blue, purple and pink. The music was like we were in an older movie. The weather was great; however I can’t imagine how hot it gets in the summer. We went to mass today. It was the first time I have experienced it in Spanish. It was beautiful and I still can’t get over how beautiful the church was. Later, we got to play a game of pickup soccer (fútbol) with local kids. It was a great day with great people and great food.. I I realized how my language barrier is difficult in some situations, but doesn’t really matter in others in other terms.


Day One: Learning and Experiencing Together, by Student Leader AdrianReyes.

For the past three months, a group of students leaders, a campus minister and a community partner from La Punte homeless shelter have been working together to make this trip a lifetime experience! This morning as we are getting everything ready, I am full of happiness for each one of the participants. We all bring something magnificent to this experience, I truly believe there is a reason why we are here. We have different stories, we have different backgrounds, and we all are different in our way, and that’s  what makes this experience unique.    My heart is full with different emotions, from excitement to sadness. These brave participants have dedicated their only break this semester to experience and serve in a small community in Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico. I know this will not change the world, but we are accomplishing a small fraction of what the Kingdom of God has for us.

Thank you for reading this and for making us part of your story.


Making a difference by Calvin Coombs

This a chance for me to be able to do some good in the world and possibly make a difference in some people’s lives. Having already served a mission in Mexico for my church, I thought that this would be a great chance to serve again, and to use my Spanish. I really hope to make this a great opportunity to create  new friends and to see the world through someone else’s eyes.  No matter what happens, I know I will enjoy this experience and I will be able to help people that I don’t know, but will get to know through this opportunity to serve them.


Flooded with Feelings By Serena Canegan

I am flooded with feelings when I think about how soon we will venture off on this new experience going on this alternative spring break trip to Bahia see Kino, Sonora, Mexico . However, I know there are some things I cannot put into words—and that is what the experience is going to be like. I can only think about the immense love and gratitude I will feel going down there (feelings on both ends). I could not be more thankful to meet the, kids at the meson  and learn all about their lives. They inspire me to work hard and appreciate life—another lesson already blossoming inside me in anticipation of the trip.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to be adventuring to Mexico. I hope to continue the spiritual and personal growth before, during, and long after this trip. I hope that the lessons I learn on this journey can be translated into my passions back home, for the rest of my life and to inspire those around me.

I look forward to the life changing experiences and long lasting friendships to come. Thank you for your help, love, prayers, and support. Thank you for making this experience possible.


Serving Others by Angelica Thabit

I am ecstatic to be able to participate in the Adams State Campus Ministry’s trip to Mexico this spring break. I look forward to not only the beautiful beaches, warm weather and authentic food, but also to serving the people. While Mexico borders right up under the United States, I sadly do not know very much about the people there. I am excited to learn about their culture, traditions and way of life. With the Campus Ministry we will be painting a home in the community of Bahia de Kino and serving meals in Guaymas, as well as attending cultural events such as Holy Week.
Thank you to the family members who are supporting me with prayer and love. A special thank you to those who were able to give financially so that I can go and serve others. I appreciate this chance to positively impact others and to learn from those whom I may have never met. Keep my group and I in your prayers!

On a Quest to Find My Purpose by Beneranda Chacon

I’m going to Mexico, as this is repeated in my mind, my thoughts of excitement and anticipation of what’s to come make me smile.  I am on a quest to find my purpose, so I ask myself;

How will I react to?

Sight ….Touch …Taste … Sound…Thirst…Hunger…Pain….Balance …

What will I see — Will I see sadness? Will I see happiness?  Will I see contentment?  I ask myself will I see these things in the people and places or will I see them in myself.

What will I touch —  Will I be physically or spiritually touched?

What will I taste —  Will I taste the food or the love that was put into the food as it was being prepared?

What will I hear – Will hear happy sounds, sad sounds.  Will I hear the Ocean?  Will I hear the sounds of a people wanting something better or will I hear the sounds of a people content with things as they are.

What will I thirst – Again will this be physical or spiritual?

What will I Hunger for – Will it be food, the hunger to want to help others or the hunger to help myself

Will there be pain – Will it be painful to see the ways of others or will it pain them to see my ways?

As I embark on this adventure I hope to experience all of the above in both the physical and spiritual.  I hope that what I have to offer people will also be what they can offer me.  The smiles, hugs, tears and good-byes will be part of what I look for – Balance.

When I get back I will be able to reflect on my list and see what the results are.   Stay tuned.




Experience Comes from Living by Darling Najar

Hi everyone! I would like to start by introducing myself, I’m Darling Najar, and I am a student here at Adams State University majoring in Nursing, with a minor in Health Care Administration. I LOVE living new experiences, and becoming more culturally aware every time I go on to new adventures. But mainly, I greatly enjoy putting a smile on others’ face through service when they’re in need.  I am looking forward to this ASB trip to Sonora, Mexico. Last year,  I was lucky enough to participate in the ASB trip to Mexicali, Mexico. It was an amazing experience to immerse myself in a completely different Mexican culture than the culture I am used to seeing when I go visit family members in Jalisco. Every country’s cultures vary from place to place. Therefore, I know on this trip I will gain more knowledge about a different area of Mexico, which will be the state of Sonora. I am looking forward to participate in Holy Week activities, serving around the community, making new friends, creating great unforgettable memories, but overall embracing this new experience and living it to the fullest.

Darling Najar

Holy Ground by Shirley Atencio, Campus Minister


A favorite quote of mine aptly expresses the reason we continue doing ASB:  “Our first task in approaching another people, another culture, and another religion is to take off our shoes, for the ground we are approaching is holy.”  It has so often been the case that travelers on ASB return feeling they have experienced an interior shift of some kind—something holy, if you will.   It comes after encountering the mystery and wonder of nature and our shared humanity, seen with new eyes.

I am excited to travel with this group of willing individuals who are already shaping themselves into a cohesive ASB 2016 family.   Bahia de Kino is a place that holds many pleasant memories for me, having accompanied three previous groups there. It feels like a gift to experience it anew.  As advisor, I am anxious to see the dynamics of this group as they build community throughout a week in close proximity with one another.  I always believe that each person on ASB was meant to be here and will take something valuable from the experience.    My hope is that we will be stretched and challenged to know the “discomfort of no easy answers” (see prayer below) to the questions that will inevitably surface.  I also hope we will find rejuvenation, joy, and inspiration away from work and classes.

As we prepare to set forth, I would like to thank all who had a part in making another ASB possible.  Special thanks to Newman Grizz Catholic for their hard work in being an active, AS&F recognized student organization on campus and for enabling ASB to benefit yearly from their efforts!

May God bless you with a restless discomfort
about easy answers, half-truths and superficial relationships,
so that you may seek truth boldly and love deep within your heart.

May God bless you with holy anger at injustice, oppression,
and exploitation of people, so that you may tirelessly work for
justice, freedom, and peace among all people.

May God bless you with the gift of tears to shed with those who suffer
from pain, rejection, starvation, or the loss of all that they cherish, so that you may
reach out your hand to comfort them and transform their pain into joy.

May God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that
you really CAN make a difference in this world, so that you are able,
with God’s grace, to do what others claim cannot be done.


A (condensed) four-fold Benedictine blessing – Sr. Ruth Marlene Fox, OSB – 1985


Giving Back By Brett Forster

Hello My name is Brett Forster and I am really excited to go to Mexico this year for Spring Break, ever since my friend Adrian came and talked to me about this trip I have been counting down the days. I actually have never been to Mexico before, but I have served a 2 year LDS spanish-speaking mission in California where I had the great opportunity to get to know a lot of people from Mexico. I fell in love with the Hispanic people. Never before have I met people who are so caring and loving. They helped me learn Spanish and taught me so much. Going to Mexico for me I get the chance to really test out my language skills and be able to communicate in Spanish on a daily basis. I also get to know people in the group I am going with; however, what excites me the most is really spending time with the people in Mexico, immersing myself in their wonderful culture. I hope to give back as much as I can because they have given me so much.