Final Reflection by Calvin

The week we spent in Mexico was amazing. After three days of traveling, the first day we were down there, we learned about a program, Familias Unidas,  that helped families transition out of houses made of cheap plywood into houses made of concrete blocks. After learning about the program and how it was started, we gave service to two families that were part of the program by painting their living rooms.  We spent the afternoon not only serving, but also learning about who they are and making friends.

The second day, we drove to the city of Guaymas, and gave service in a a soup kitchen at Casa Franciscana. We learned about a set of programs where people learn vocations to support themselves and their future families. After that, we went to a school that’s being built, and to an after-school program called Club Jerry’s.
It was a great experience having the opportunity on ASB to go and learn about all the good that is happening in other parts of the world. Each of us can do good if we just do our part wherever we may be. There’s this story about a group of men between the ages of 22 and 62. They were tasked with moving a grand piano. They spent the better part of an hour trying to account for age and strength, but not until they all just surrounded the piano and each lifted where they stood, were they able to, by some miracle,  move the piano. If we each of us would do the same, imagine what  we could accomplish.
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