Serving Others by Angelica Thabit

I am ecstatic to be able to participate in the Adams State Campus Ministry’s trip to Mexico this spring break. I look forward to not only the beautiful beaches, warm weather and authentic food, but also to serving the people. While Mexico borders right up under the United States, I sadly do not know very much about the people there. I am excited to learn about their culture, traditions and way of life. With the Campus Ministry we will be painting a home in the community of Bahia de Kino and serving meals in Guaymas, as well as attending cultural events such as Holy Week.
Thank you to the family members who are supporting me with prayer and love. A special thank you to those who were able to give financially so that I can go and serve others. I appreciate this chance to positively impact others and to learn from those whom I may have never met. Keep my group and I in your prayers!

8 thoughts on “Serving Others by Angelica Thabit

  1. Angelica,
    I am so proud of you! I know that you will learn a lot and will be a blessing to many. I can’t wait to hear all about your wonderful journey. Stay safe and happy! Love, Aunt D.

    • Aunt Donna, Thank you so much for messaging me and praying for us continually! Today we went to church and got ice cream from a shop, which was great for the weather today! I think the hard work starts tomorrow but I’m sure it will be fun anyways! I love you! -Angelica

  2. Angelica,
    I am very happy hear that you are engaging yourself in helping others. It should be a delightful experience in a different country. Learn as much as you can so that you can be prepared to meet people from all types of places in the world. Keep steadfast in your prayer and be friendly to others. Be safe and well.

    • Grampa! Thank you for following my trip online and praying for us. It was nice to meet many wonderful open hearted people along the trip who cared for us without a second thought. We are traveling back home now!

  3. Angelica,
    How was church? It must have been an interesting experience to see how others worship. And the ice cream… is it the same as in the States? Sounds like the weather is hot. As you know, I am with Aunt J, Nanny and Grampa. We are having a nice time. I am enjoying being able to communicate with you during your trip. Looking forward to hearing what you do tomorrow. Love ya, Aunt D.
    Ps.How is Heather? Please tell her that I said hi.

    • Hey Everyone!
      The church service was pretty confusing, language caused a huge barrier, but we got palm leaves and Vince turned mine into a cross! The ice cream was delicious, much better than in the states because it was all fresh ingredients. The heat was bearable, I loved it since I’m normally cold all the time. We went to the beach and ate plenty of wonderful sea food! =)

  4. Angelica!
    I am so proud that you have taken this opportunity to serve others as you build on your experiences exploring cultures around the world. Your world grows not just by your travels to meet new people and to explore new places, but by touching their lives with your beautiful spirit.
    Just think, it all started in Japan!
    You (and your group) are in my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to hearing about your adventures.
    Be Blessed!
    Aunt Janet

    • Aunt Janet!
      Thank you so much for following our blog and showing me so much love during this whole trip. It feels so good to know that my family supports my desire to serve and learn from others. This trip was such a positive experience, from the service and community, to the beach and cold sodas! =) The people were so nice to me, they felt on my braids just like in Japan actually hahaha. I appreciate everything you did for my family on that trip in Japan, and again for me on this trip. You are wonderful! Thank you!

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