Flooded with Feelings By Serena Canegan

I am flooded with feelings when I think about how soon we will venture off on this new experience going on this alternative spring break trip to Bahia see Kino, Sonora, Mexico . However, I know there are some things I cannot put into words—and that is what the experience is going to be like. I can only think about the immense love and gratitude I will feel going down there (feelings on both ends). I could not be more thankful to meet the, kids at the meson  and learn all about their lives. They inspire me to work hard and appreciate life—another lesson already blossoming inside me in anticipation of the trip.

It is truly an honor and a privilege to be adventuring to Mexico. I hope to continue the spiritual and personal growth before, during, and long after this trip. I hope that the lessons I learn on this journey can be translated into my passions back home, for the rest of my life and to inspire those around me.

I look forward to the life changing experiences and long lasting friendships to come. Thank you for your help, love, prayers, and support. Thank you for making this experience possible.


3 thoughts on “Flooded with Feelings By Serena Canegan

  1. Beautifully written thoughts. I hope The experience is as fulfilling as your anticipation and expectation.

    • Tremendous experience thus far. Can’t wait to share the full story with you. Thanks for making it possible. I love you.

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