On a Quest to Find My Purpose by Beneranda Chacon

I’m going to Mexico, as this is repeated in my mind, my thoughts of excitement and anticipation of what’s to come make me smile.  I am on a quest to find my purpose, so I ask myself;

How will I react to?

Sight ….Touch …Taste … Sound…Thirst…Hunger…Pain….Balance …

What will I see — Will I see sadness? Will I see happiness?  Will I see contentment?  I ask myself will I see these things in the people and places or will I see them in myself.

What will I touch —  Will I be physically or spiritually touched?

What will I taste —  Will I taste the food or the love that was put into the food as it was being prepared?

What will I hear – Will hear happy sounds, sad sounds.  Will I hear the Ocean?  Will I hear the sounds of a people wanting something better or will I hear the sounds of a people content with things as they are.

What will I thirst – Again will this be physical or spiritual?

What will I Hunger for – Will it be food, the hunger to want to help others or the hunger to help myself

Will there be pain – Will it be painful to see the ways of others or will it pain them to see my ways?

As I embark on this adventure I hope to experience all of the above in both the physical and spiritual.  I hope that what I have to offer people will also be what they can offer me.  The smiles, hugs, tears and good-byes will be part of what I look for – Balance.

When I get back I will be able to reflect on my list and see what the results are.   Stay tuned.