Experience Comes from Living by Darling Najar

Hi everyone! I would like to start by introducing myself, I’m Darling Najar, and I am a student here at Adams State University majoring in Nursing, with a minor in Health Care Administration. I LOVE living new experiences, and becoming more culturally aware every time I go on to new adventures. But mainly, I greatly enjoy putting a smile on others’ face through service when they’re in need.  I am looking forward to this ASB trip to Sonora, Mexico. Last year,  I was lucky enough to participate in the ASB trip to Mexicali, Mexico. It was an amazing experience to immerse myself in a completely different Mexican culture than the culture I am used to seeing when I go visit family members in Jalisco. Every country’s cultures vary from place to place. Therefore, I know on this trip I will gain more knowledge about a different area of Mexico, which will be the state of Sonora. I am looking forward to participate in Holy Week activities, serving around the community, making new friends, creating great unforgettable memories, but overall embracing this new experience and living it to the fullest.

Darling Najar