Final reflection by Darling

This year, I was able to participate in this wonderful 2016 ASB trip to Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico. It was truly a great experience that brings me joy and great memories every time I talk about it.
There are so many memories/snapshots that linger in my mind.  
 One that I will always have in mind is painting inside the Familias Unidas homes, and we were all full of joy singing and painting and just bringing joy and smiles to other’s faces. It was truly an amazing feeling. I gained knowledge of the way people live in the Sonoran area of Mexico; what their food source is (fishing),  how they live, what programs are offered for those who have no food or place to stay, etc.  
When we went to Guaymas, it reminded me of last year’s ASB to Mexicali, and the social issue that we discussed many times, which was immigration. When we helped serve lunch at el meson in Guaymas, it reminded me of the immigration situation. They are located in this area of Mexico, but they serve anyone who comes through and a lot of these people are migrants from South America who get on “La Bestia,” the train that people ride to try to get to the United States.  It is very dangerous and many people lose their life or are seriously injured jumping on or off.   Many are exploited.  There were children getting lunch and asking for more because they were packing food to get ready to get on that horrible train. Also, being on the border of Naco for a day and crossing the border so easily, just reminded me of how easy it is for us citizens to cross, but for others it requires them to leave their families behind and maybe even lose their lives trying.
I was raised with Mexican culture, so of course I loved and enjoyed every aspect of it. I have been to many different areas in Mexico, and every area has it’s own unique style of doing things. I definitely loved the ocean and the way it benefits everyone in the area as a food source and business. It was also sad to hear that the fishing is depleted. I felt like the greatest challenge was feeling like I wanted to do more for those that we served, but only being able to do so much.  I am grateful for having enjoyed and lived such a great experience on this ASB trip.