Giving Back By Brett Forster

Hello My name is Brett Forster and I am really excited to go to Mexico this year for Spring Break, ever since my friend Adrian came and talked to me about this trip I have been counting down the days. I actually have never been to Mexico before, but I have served a 2 year LDS spanish-speaking mission in California where I had the great opportunity to get to know a lot of people from Mexico. I fell in love with the Hispanic people. Never before have I met people who are so caring and loving. They helped me learn Spanish and taught me so much. Going to Mexico for me I get the chance to really test out my language skills and be able to communicate in Spanish on a daily basis. I also get to know people in the group I am going with; however, what excites me the most is really spending time with the people in Mexico, immersing myself in their wonderful culture. I hope to give back as much as I can because they have given me so much.


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