Day One: Learning and Experiencing Together, by Student Leader AdrianReyes.

For the past three months, a group of students leaders, a campus minister and a community partner from La Punte homeless shelter have been working together to make this trip a lifetime experience! This morning as we are getting everything ready, I am full of happiness for each one of the participants. We all bring something magnificent to this experience, I truly believe there is a reason why we are here. We have different stories, we have different backgrounds, and we all are different in our way, and that’s  what makes this experience unique.    My heart is full with different emotions, from excitement to sadness. These brave participants have dedicated their only break this semester to experience and serve in a small community in Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico. I know this will not change the world, but we are accomplishing a small fraction of what the Kingdom of God has for us.

Thank you for reading this and for making us part of your story.