Moving Right Along: Spring 2018

As the Spring 2018 semester moves along, activities at the Luther Bean Museum and Salazar Center are progressing right along as well. We have a new projectile point display installed and are excited to have some objects soon to be displayed as part of the Local Traditions, Contemporary Visions exhibition in the the Hatfield Gallery on ASU campus as part of month long La Monarca symposium. In fact, we packed these objects for transport just this afternoon! I have been working on finishing up loose ends with the extensive Rickel projectile point collection, of which select pieces were used in the recently completed projectile point display. Many of these points have incomplete numbers as well as are stored in locations difficult to find and utilize. I’ve been expanding and completing the numbering of the objects as well as adjusting their housing to a more usable and find-able format. This also involves updates in our database. Lucy has also been working on updating and improving our records, especially location data to ensure we know the precise location for each object. Tawney and I are also hoping to do some work in March on the collection of Rio Grande weavings into display condition so keep an eye out for updates on those!