About PASC

Professional Administrative Staff Council (PASC) represents all personnel of Adams State University who are exempt from the Colorado State Personnel System and who are not faculty members. PASC seeks:

  • To support the vision, mission, values and goals of Adams State University
  • To serve as a representative body for the professional administrative staff
  • To participate in the development of policy matters at ASU that affect the professional administrative staff
  • To serve as an advisory or recommending body for the university president, president’s executive team members, president’s cabinet and other groups or organizations whose policies and/or procedures affect the professional administrative staff

PASC members are typically elected by their peers or volunteer from within 5 different administrative areas on campus. The administrative areas are: Academic Affairs, Finance & Infrastructure, Student Affairs & Grants, Enrollment Management & PR/Marketing, Athletics & Other. Representatives from PASC participate on the President’s Cabinet.