From Rituals to Lucky Lingerie: Superstitions Revealed

Rachel Heaton The Paw Print   Right now, my Troy Tulowitzki jersey is draped over a chair in my room and it will stay there for as long as possible. Why? Because I’ve determined that the placement of my jersey affects the Rockies performance on the field. Drape it over the chair and they win. […]

Twinkies Production to Possibly Resume This Year

Kendra Medford The Paw Print Big news to those of you here in college and generally cheap: the most delicious junk food around, the famous TWINKIE is coming back into business! So for those of you who love this sweat treat – or who can’t afford the expensive food – you will no longer have […]

Third Day Gives Performance in Greeley, Colo.

Helen Smith The Paw Print The award winning Christian rock band Third Day rocked the Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley, Colo. on the night of April 27. This concert was a part of Third Day’s tour promoting their latest album “Miracle.” The band has been traveling on this tour for the course of one […]

Senior Composition Recital an Impressive Performance

Kira Budge The Paw Print On Tuesday, April 20, senior Josh Wohlrabe, who’s majoring in Music Performance and Composition, gave his senior composition recital to a varied and engaged crowd. His works had been written for varied instruments and in slightly different styles, but all held an overall tone and style that could only be […]

Diego Cacique Performs a Junior Guitar Recital

Kendra Medford The Paw Print On Thursday, April 25 at 7pm in Leon Memorial Hall, Diego Cacique gave a Junior Guitar Recital. Diego Cacique is a music major at Adams State University. For his recital, Diego first played “Un Dia de Noviembre” by Leo Brouwer, which was written for a Cuban film of the same […]

Review of ASU’s “Compleat Female Stage Beauty”

Kendra A. Medford The Paw Print On Friday April 26, I attended the Adams State University Theatre production of “Compleat Female Stage Beauty” by Jeffrey Hatcher, directed by Dr. Paul Newman. “Compleat Female Stage Beauty” is a play set in the 1660s about a man named Kynaston, the most famous portrayer of female roles on […]

American Psychological Association in Guantanamo

Dr. Brett King The Paw Print Amid media focus on the Boston bombing, a long awaited, non-partisan, comprehensive 600 page report summarizing the United States use of torture over the last 12 years was released.  Detailing US anti-terrorism policies since 9/11, the study was commissioned by the Constitution Project, and jointly led by two former […]

Think Twice Before You Pick Up Your Next Snack

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Over the past year or so I have found myself paying more attention to what ingredients go into the foods I consume. Due to the increasing demand for people to eat healthier and watch out for certain ingredients in food like gluten, trans fats and sugar,  it has come to […]

ASU’s Dirty Little Column with Dr. Doitright

Dr. Doitright is not a real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously.  Dear Dr. Doitright: I may be the last virgin left in ASU, and it’s a pain in the rear. I’ve always been my own person; I dress the way I feel, talk without slangs, I don’t […]

ASU Troupe to Perform “1st Amendment Theatre”

Dr. John Taylor The Paw Print Will Act for Change will be presenting “1st Amendment Theatre: Scenes from Banned Plays” on May 3 at 7:30pm in the Adams State University Main Stage Theatre. The performance is free to the public with no tickets needed, and is for mature audiences only.  The show will feature controversial […]

There’s More to it Than Just Being at 14000 Feet

Kyle Bufis The Paw Print “I sometimes think of my life in civilization in comparison with the life in the open, for a man can live ten years of the ordinary existence in a large city without once experiencing the intense, overwhelming emotions that ten minutes of life in the wilderness often hold for him.”—Belmore […]

Should We Allow Such Freedom in the Wild West?

Jake Hughes The Paw Print In recent years, our environment and the way we have been treating it has been a heated topic that many say should be a top priority. Another controversial subject parallel to that is, of course, finding a clean, renewable energy source that doesn’t cause more damage to the environment and […]

Paranormal Discovery Club Finds EVPs

Rachel Decker The Paw Print Many believe that there is little to no science behind paranormal investigation, but that is far from the truth. Many professional investigation teams, including the ASU Paranormal Discovery Club, use a science-based approach to obtain evidence and test out claims that are made. One of the most common-knowledge pieces of […]

“Blue Atoms” Short Story Feature: Part Four

Richard Flamm The Paw Print The morning had turned to burning day on his skin. Brad looked around frantically, repeating, “What?” and “How?” All that was left of the barn was a single rotting board lying sideways in the yellow grass. Brad moved to pick it up, but as soon as his hand touched the […]

About the National Student Exchange Program

Helen Smith The Paw Print Have you ever wanted to study at a large university but found that the cost made it impossible? Well, with the National Student Exchange, it is now completely possible. The National Student Exchange is “a non-profit consortium of around 200 accredited colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, the […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet