Diego Cacique Performs a Junior Guitar Recital

Kendra Medford
The Paw Print

On Thursday, April 25 at 7pm in Leon Memorial Hall, Diego Cacique gave a Junior Guitar Recital. Diego Cacique is a music major at Adams State University.

For his recital, Diego first played “Un Dia de Noviembre” by Leo Brouwer, which was written for a Cuban film of the same name. His second piece was “La Catedral” by Agustin Barrios Mangore. Mangore was inspired to write this piece when he was passing by a church one day and heard the music of J.S. Bach being played on the organ. The third piece set Diego played was “Prelude 3” and “Prelude 4” by Heitor Villa-Lobos. Heitor Villa-Lobos was also inspired by Bach and learned to play the cello and guitar. His taste for Brazilian folk music led him to compose a set of six preludes for the guitar. Last but not least, Diego performed “Suite Castellana” by Federico Moreno-Torroba, which the composer based after the Spanish flamenco dance form, fandango. Moreno-Torroba has also composed dances, impressionistic pieces, sonatas, and sonatinas.  The audience enjoyed all of the songs Diego played; they were very soft and slow, but  pretty.

Diego’s feels a personal connection to the first piece, “Un Dia de Noviembre” by Leo Brouwer. It is one of his favorites, which is why he picked it. He says this piece has always been very dear to him. He is also a big fan of Leo Brouwer himself, who is Diego’s favorite composer for the guitar.

Diego picked all of the pieces he played except for two. The reason he picked those was because he really felt like they had the most musical integrity and would fit with the rest of the pieces. Overall, the music flowed together nicely and all of the songs he played were beautiful.

Diego also stated that there will always going to be performance anxiety in these situations no matter what. You just have to “handle the nerves” the right way. Everyone is different, so everyone will have different methods of doing this, but Diego’s method is warming up and stretching a little before each performance. Everyone’s a critic, but the worst critic is always yourself.

Diego believes that this guitar recital was one of his best yet and said it turned out exactly how he expected it to. This was a truly spectacular performance, and the audience would agree.

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