Withdrawal Date has Passed and it’s Time to Finish Strong

By Levi Savage Lowe | 

With the semester winding down, now’s the time to put it into top gear. After spring break, there’s no more holidays or time off. There’s only one obstacle blocking you from summer vacation: finals. It’s time to hit the books, hard. If needed, look for tutors for the classes that you are struggling in to understand all of the material that you are going over. If you’ve had trouble writing your reports or essays, there’s no better time than now to ask for help. Going to the Writing Studio is a great way to get those nasty essays completed and checked so they are the best they can possibly be.

Don’t forget to talk to your teacher about any major questions you might have about the material. This is the time to make sure you can do everything that was taught in the class. Also, don’t forget to register for next semester’s classes if you are returning. You never know how many people might be going into the same class as you and you don’t want to be the one that didn’t get in because the class filled up and there was no more room for you. If you haven’t talked to your advisor yet, do that immediately to make sure you can get into your classes.

It’s easy to get sucked back into a great tv show or become engrossed in the madness of playing the  Xbox One or Playstation 4. Focus is key. You will have time to play the new games and catch all the legendaries in Pokemon, but save that as a reward for after you finish your finals. You can choose to work and play during the last month of the semester but that means you’re taking less time on academics, which can lead to questionable performance come exam time.

The semester is winding down, the weather is getting a little warmer, and soon we’ll be running outside not needing to worry about the deadly wind of spring and enjoying warm rays of sunlight. Soon we will all be able to sit back and enjoy the summer break without any more school worries such as homework or tests. We work hard so we can play hard.


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