About the National Student Exchange Program

Helen Smith
The Paw Print

Have you ever wanted to study at a large university but found that the cost made it impossible? Well, with the National Student Exchange, it is now completely possible.

The National Student Exchange is “a non-profit consortium of around 200 accredited colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, the U.S.Virgin Islands and Guam.” Since its establishment in 1968, the National Student Exchange has provided over 100,000 students with the opportunity to exchange.

The main feature of the national Student Exchange is what is known as the tuition reciprocity system, which allows the student to either pay the in-state tuition fee of their host campus or pay the normal tuition of their home campus.

National Student Exchange also gives students the opportunity to access courses and faculty that are not available at their home campus, as well as the chance to experience living in a new place, experience personal growth and become resourceful.

Many students who participate in the National Student Exchange program return with a fresh perspective on their goals, and also find the time of exchange to be maturing and rewarding. In addition to these benefits, the NSE provides its members with a support network through a central office as well as individual coordinators on its participating campuses.

The application process for National Student Exchange is really quite simple. If a student is interested in participating in NSE, he/she needs first find out if their campus participates in NSE, and if so, how to consult with the coordinator for their campus. The next step is filling out the application, along with gathering three letters of recommendation. The letters of recommendation are required to come from the students’ advisor, another faculty member and a third source, usually someone such as an employer, etc. Once this paperwork is completed, it is submitted and reviewed. If found acceptable, the student is placed into a host institution for either a semester or a full academic year.

This program offers many opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to most students. It can be an opportunity to explore new places, meet new friends, connect with groups, pursue passions and give a sharper focus to goals. It can even be an avenue to foreign travel. It is truly a chance to discover where you want to go in life and what kind of career you feel that you may want to pursue. All that this program really takes is just a little support and willingness.

The National Student Exchange coordinator here at Adams State University is Aaron Miltenberger. Miltenberger’s office is located in the Student Union Building in the Student Life Center.  There is still time for those that are interested in applying. All applications and paperwork need to be completed by May 1.

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