Twinkies Production to Possibly Resume This Year

Kendra Medford
The Paw Print

Big news to those of you here in college and generally cheap: the most delicious junk food around, the famous TWINKIE is coming back into business! So for those of you who love this sweat treat – or who can’t afford the expensive food – you will no longer have to worry. Soon Twinkies will be back on the shelves.

Word has come out that four bakeries are ready to resume production of the Twinkie, HoHos and some other favorite brands, after unions were closed back in November of 2012. The biggest issue with choosing to bring back the Twinkie was with the workers, who wondered if there would be a worker’s union when they resumed selling the product. With the company getting shut down and selling out, about 15,000-18,500 employees lost their jobs last year.

Though the new owners of the Hostess companies are starting the production of the Twinkie once again, they are not completely sure how long this will continue for. There is no mention of the labor unions, disappointing the workers from before the discontinuation of the product.

Lately there have been many investors online offering to buy the brands, dating all the way back to March. It is also understood that there have been several internet entrepreneurs that have been trying to get the now ‘discontinued snack’. With the discussions on to start selling the product again, there is word that the cheaply sold item is now being sold at higher prices than ever before.

A few joint firms bought bakeries and the majority of the Hostess brand snacks for about 410 million dollars. It is said that the Hostess Brands LLC is expected to be back in business and back on the shelves within the next few months. A plant in Georgia will be one of the first to reopen, and they say that they plan on hiring about 200 workers for the positions this summer. Another 100 will follow shortly. The biggest problem here is that the 4,000 workers in this town that already worked in the plant years prior to the discontinuation of the product will have to reapply for the jobs that they once held.

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