Safe Handling of Artifacts

I started transcribing my notes from my visit with Patrick. Eventually these notes plus any additional research information will be placed into the folder of the artifact. I will say that a seed was planted by Patrick in me to learn more about the pottery and about the different Indians who made the beautiful pots that are housed at the museum.

A demonstration on safe handling was presented this week. Safe handling is essential to maintaining the integrity of an object. All objects are to be handled with the care and the respect they deserve. Minimized movement and handling of the object is imperative.

As a non-traditional student at Adams State I am blessed to be traveling on this road of higher education. I will say that icing on the cake for me is sharing my journey with my family, especially my grandson, Francisco. He is always eager to know what I am learning and he enjoyed hearing about the pottery at the museum. I know that the next time he visits a museum he will look at the artifacts with different eyes.