Important: Banner 2020 Security Releases & Q3 Updates Required ASAP

Good morning, Adams State Banner Community.

This morning we just received an urgent notice from Ellucian to immediately install the Banner 2020 Quarter 3 Updates which contain mandatory Security Patches to the Self-Service Banner Applications. This means we will need to escalate the installation of the Quarter 3 (Q3) Banner Updates to the Banner DEVL/QA/PROD environments. Also the Quarter 2 (Q2) & Quarter 3 (Q3) Banner updates will be deployed to PROD at the same time after being verified in the QA environment. We are in the process of starting the updates and determining the new schedule for the Q2/Q3 updates to be deployed to PROD.

The immediate Banner Update schedule:

DEVL: 28-Aug-20, start install and deploy the Q3 & Security updates
QA: 03-Sep-20, start install and deploy the Q3 & Security updates
PROD: TBD, install and deploy Q2/Q3 updates ASAP after Census date

Given the surprise and urgent nature of these mandatory Security updates, any testing on the Q2 updates can be halted at this time. The verification of the Banner updates can be resumed once the Q3 updates are available in QA. The campus will be updated by an email post to this BUGs Google Group thread.

Computing Services thanks you for your assistance performing the critical verification of the 2020 Banner 2nd & 3rd Quarter Updates with Security Patches. As always, if you have any questions, please call the ASU Computing Services Helpdesk at 7741 or contact us via email at computin…

Have a great day,

Computing Services

Important Notice_ Security Updates in Banner Self-Service